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the sanctum sentinels / SAFER

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We at the Sanctum Sentinels keep the peace by all means necessary. We believe in upholding the law even if the that means breaking it, we aspire to rid the verse of all wrong-doers and make it a safer and more inhabitable place for all. whether we’ve helped you or not, come join us and help others.


*I 2953 a group of outlaws where attacking anyone who stepped foot on the moon lyria. Three men on that faithful day had enough and set out in their space craft to eliminate these murderous scoundrels and free the people of arc corp from their grip. When they arrived at the base of the criminals they where met with a unstoppable force of ships, they where completely out numberd and out gunned, one of their crewmen where shot down in the conflict but fortunately lived, And through sheer will they fought in sky and on ground and eventually disposed of all the scum that had tormented lyria for so long. Vowing to never let such a thing happen again. *


The sanctum sentinels believe in peace while still making a boatload of cash.

We want the vulnerable or even well off in the verse to be as safe as possible and no one to put them down. Those here at the sanctum will achieve this by any means necessary no matter how questionable or even illegal.
All of this of course while making our money as each person needs their pay

Our motto is “peace at any cost” because we’ve learnt from our history that sometimes that cost could be as bad as a nuke.

We except all people willing to help or just be a part of something greater, don’t be shy and send over a request and maybe you can help make the verse safer.



RULE 1: life comes first
Dont act like this matters its all just a game. we wont persecute you for choosing real life over a game

RULE 2: be nice
Peace is what we’re all about so keep it all peaceful

RULE 3: no drama
try and keep all drama out of here we are peaceful

RULE 4: keep the peace
keep the peace at all times.