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The Saganites / SAGANITES

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The Holy Order of the Saganites is a death cult inspired by divine revelation from Carl Sagan’s immortal essence. By order of his mandate, we will accumulate resources to synthesize a star. By the star’s energy we will ascend to our holy seat at the right hand of Carl Sagan in paradise.


We were on our planet and Carl Sagan’s spirit told us to go on a mission through the cockmos to find the pale blue wiener (blue star). If we can’t find one we’ll have to make one. Then we’ll blow it up and it should take our spirits to Carl. Carl told us to do all of this.


Look for the pale blue wiener, but if you can’t find it then you’ll have to make one. Blow it up and make sure you’re really close to the explosion. Carl will make sure your soul goes to heaven when you die and then we’ll hang out with him and joke around and have drinks and stuff. This we know. Carl said so.


Just pretty much always be looking for that pale blue wiener and if you’re not then you better be building one. And if you’re not building it then you better be doing something to help somebody who is. These are rules. Anything else goes. Carl said so.