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Sanctuary Republic / SANCTUARY

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Sanctuary Republic is a multi-faceted group of individuals who will be operating on their own, away from the confines of UEE Space. SR strives to have a place for all types of individuals, whether they want to serve in the Military, Industry & Supply, or Pioneer Corps.


Our members define us. Our community is so much more than a bunch of strangers flying under a common flag. Our “History” began with our determination to create an active, well functioning, fun community and ever since Sanctuary Republic’s inception we have strived to maintain that ideal.

Sanctuary Republic spawned shortly after the birth of Star Citizen itself. A large group of like minded people from the Star Citizen community banded together to forge a solid, welcoming port of call for any pilot with the intent to have fun and that appreciates the dependability and camaraderie of a well lead and active player run organization.

Anyone considering joining the ranks of Sanctuary Republic can expect to be a member of a large, loyal, helpful and tight-knit fleet where you can participate in all aspects of game play, from combat to commerce and exploration to engineering.

Be a part of a fighter or bomber squadron. Fly in a trade caravan. Help operate mining platforms. Be a member of a capitol ship’s crew. Search for jump points, salvage and whatever else that awaits in the Great Black.

Where ever your interests lie, you’re likely to find others in Sanctuary Republic ready to fly with you. Enjoy the opportunities and support you’ll find with Sanctuary Republic, all while operating from the depths of wild, free space.

Learn more about us on our Private Forums or on our Recruitment Thread

To join us, follow the instructions listed HERE


What We will do:

  • Sanctuary Republic will be operating in lawless space, beyond the UEE. In this unknown space, we will create our own independent nation-state in the Persistent Universe.

How we will do this:

  • The Sanctuary Republic Military will subdue the system we choose to call home, destroying any hostiles in the system while protecting the jumpoints into the system. They will also escort and protect all “civilians” in Sanctuary Republic.
  • The Sanctuary Republic Industry & Supply will engage in extracting and profiting from the high value resources in that system.
  • The Sanctuary Republic Racing, Exploration, and Design will win glory, fame and riches for Sanctuary, explore the unknown wonders of the universe, and develop better layouts, producing better ships for the community.

Why we do this:

  • In an effort to give everyone the best gaming experience in Star Citizen, we have selected lawless space to live and play in. Doing so allows everyone to do what they want to the maximum. You want combat? No better place than the fringe. You want to make money? The fringe has the most profitable resources. You want to explore? Why not start in the unknown?

To join us follow the instructions listed HERE


Our Rules are pretty simple:

TL;DR – Don’t be a Dick (Wheaton’s Law) and Have Fun!

1. Members are accountable to adhere to the standards of the Sanctuary Republic Code of Conduct. This extends not only within the areas of Sanctuary Republic’s owned resources, but anywhere that a member could be seen as representing the Fleet. Some of these include, but are not limited to: the RSI forums, other Fleets forums, on TeamSpeak, or while playing a game.

a. Officers and Senate members are held to an even higher standard. Any Officer or Senate member seen as not adhering to the code of conduct may lose their commission or Senate post, depending on the severity of the incident.

2. Respect those around you.

3. All Members should treat others in or out of the Fleet with respect and civility, using no offensive language or demeaning comments, in the spirit of friendly, relaxed gaming and having fun.

4. Sanctuary Republic is a diverse group representing members from across the world with a wide variety of physical characteristics, personal and moral philosophies, political and religious beliefs and more. All members should refrain from actions that any other may find offensive or upsetting.

5. Obey the directions of those above you, whether in game, on TeamSpeak or on the forums. Do not publicly challenge those appointed to higher ranks. Carry out their instructions and ask them later for an explanation through private message on the forums, or private TeamSpeak conversation. If the issue is not resolved or there is further issue with the individual, then seek someone of higher rank, the Citizen’s Advocate Office or a Senator.

6. Membership in Sanctuary Republic is mutually exclusive. Members will not join other fleets as fleet members, diplomats or spies. You MAY create accounts on other Fleets forums for the purpose of public topic discussion. When possible other accounts on other Fleets sites or places where Star Citizen is a general topic of discussion should be disclosed to your Division Senator.

7. Nicknames, handles, avatars, signatures or anything else visual or verbal in general that is intended purely for shock value or has some possibility of being found offensive by even a single member is strongly discouraged.

Note: There is nothing wrong with friendly banter and barbs made in jest, but there is a great distinction between constructive criticism and belittling ridicule.

8. Members must be willing to compromise with the fleet, as we know everyone will never be in complete agreement with the Leadership on every issue. This Fleet will not tolerate unresolved conflicts. Constant disruptions and negative distractions will also not be tolerated.

9. Sanctuary Republic is a team oriented organization, one “family unit”. Do not attempt to subdivide the fleet into groups, personal divisions or cliques. The fleet has a structure that is intended to promote success while helping all members play how they wish to. While ideas are always welcome, separatism and elitism are not.

To join us follow the instructions listed HERE