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Sanctus / SANCTUS

  • Faith
  • Hardcore
  • Exploration
  • Security

Welcome to SANCTUS.

We represent the best hope for a brighter future among all humanity. While the rest of the universe prays to silent gods, we place our faith in our fellow man. We shall stand up for the righteous, and profit at the expense of the wicked.


***Update – Once you join, please feel free to register on our website and find teamspeak at
**Update – Added our forum post.

SANCTUS is an empire of individuals united by the strength of the human soul. At our roots, we are a faith established in the goal of furthering humanity. We protect our fellow man, whether from each other, or the dangers of the universe.

As a faith, even those wishing to avoid commitment may join and become affiliates of the faithful. Who among us won’t stand up and declare before the eyes and ears of his fellow man that he is righteous? All humanity may one day stand united against the threats of the universe, and the most holy among us will find themselves at the front lines, dispensing SANCTUS justice to the wicked by their own hand.

Continue reading on our Manifesto page…

The list of primary contacts can be found below:

(Dux), Emperor. Primary point of authority and law of SANCTUS.

(Ministra), Lord, Ambassador. Primary point of recruitment/alliance contact and information/negotiation expert.

(Logis), Lord, Inquisitor. Primary point of contact for security and law enforcement, point of contact for all REDACTED negotiations.


What we do:

  • Rescue pilots in need of aid, whether through combat or medical attention, we shall aid the righteous and destroy the wicked.
  • Hunt pirates and slavers, tackling their bases of operation and infiltrating their ranks.
  • Provide wartime assistance to those we deem worthy, crushing those we deem wicked.
  • Explore the unknown, establishing bases of operation in deep space where we will be the most needed.
  • Provide training and support to new pilots and those less fortunate than ourselves.
  • We will make our fortune at the expense of the wicked, pillaging pirate strongholds and confiscating the assets of the corrupt.
  • We shall inflict SANCTUS justice on the wicked, pirates shall be destroyed and slavers shall themselves become enslaved, becoming tools for the betterment of humanity.

Continue reading on our Charter page…


What we expect from our members:

  • We expect core members to represent us with dignity and follow our directions as we establish SANCTUS as an empire in deep space.
  • ALL our members are expected to respond to emergency requests for help when they are able, space is dangerous, and we aim to make it less so.
  • Members representing SANCTUS shall never be found pirating the innocent or pure, the wicked however, are open season.
  • SANCTUS does not necessarily follow the laws established in civilized space, in SANCTUS, you are above the law, beyond it. Justice must be swift, and bureaucracy is mired by its own self importance. The only true law is that which is laid down by the high council of SANCTUS.
  • Members of SANCTUS can make their fortune wherever they may, the preferred method being to rip profit straight from the hands of dead pirates. The holy navy of SANCTUS will be the primary driver of income in our empire, combined with exploration, we shall find ourselves wealthy indeed.