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Roberts Space Industries ®

Strong-arm Solutions / SASOLUTION

  • PMC
  • Regular
  • Role play
  • Security
  • Freelancing

Applying unique solutions to overcome obstructions.
Strong-Arm Solutions maintains all salvage rights during any period of contract operation, we keep what we kill, This is non-negotiable.


SAS is a small group of current and former military members and civilian gamers all brought together by the sense of community and fun that our membership partake in. Our game play style is a PMC for hire. This said, what our members do on their time and in their own equipment will not be scrutinized by our company, this may mean that a pirate with a bounty might be crewing one of our ships, this does not bother us in the slightest, so long as while they are on duty they conduct themselves with the professionalism that we intend to be known for.


Mission Statement:
SA Solutions is an affordable option for the discerning customer looking to provide physical insurance on their precious cargo, secure resource operations against hostile intent, and depopulate hostile zones of enemy combatants so as to allow freedom of movement.

Vision Statement:
Achieve mission success by keeping informed on the most recent information available on tactics and equipment. By maintaining a dedication to professional excellence we hope to retain the services of loyal, dedicated, and combat ready employees.

Currently able to provide:
1 extra ships to bolster convoy numbers to help deter malicious actions.
2 Security squadrons to clear and secure asteroids for mining operations.
3 Task forces to perform hunter killer missions against pirate held territories.

Future Goals:
1 The ability to provide shipboard personnel for internal security against boarding actions.

All contracts must be dealt with by the senior officers.


Blessings of the Maple be Upon you.