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Southern Cross Alliance / SCA

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Welcome to the

Southern Cross Alliance

Our community hangs out at our [DISCORD]

We’re based in the Oceanic region, predominately AUS/NZ, however we have members from all over the world.



Southern Cross Alliance started as just an offhand remark on a Reddit post which cascaded into a fun, vibrant community. An Oceanic based, English speaking org resonated with the community and now boasts more than 1000 members.

Several thousand ships make up the fleet, but this isn’t a fleet consisting only of single seat fighters, rather the fleet numbers many capital ships including, 7 Javelin Destroyers and dozens of Idri. So what does this mean? It means we will never be lacking in things to do.

Join us on (DISCORD) where almost anything can happen.

We have primarily shifted to discord but you can check out our history and still contact us on reddit at /r/southerncrossalliance

Since 2945 (2015) the SCA have hosted the Crux Cup, a community run racing event and the home of the AURORA Classic.



Southern Cross Alliance.

We are an organisation that strives to provide an enjoyable environment for players from between the UTC+8 (west oz) to the UTC+12 (Kiwiland) timezones to work together. We’re all in that annoying spot that the rest of the world is never playing when we want to – so why wait for them? Catch them while they sleep.

Much like the British found use of convict labour, we have good relationships with some major organisations to provide 24 hour asset coverage in the verse. Though this time, we get something out of it too.

But don’t get us wrong, we are not all the Carebear type who want to fly in the safety of patrolled space. We welcome all kinds of Adventurers to our fold, and have many different careers avaliable for you to drop in and out of at will.


Mission Statement:

Southern Cross Alliance is an organisation that provides a home to Star Citizens from Australia, New Zealand, Oceania and others within the UTC+8 and UTC+12 time zones or who feel a connection to our cause. With an extreamly flat leadership structure, The Southern Cross Alliance is here to help you play the game how you want and with the people who are like-minded in goals and principles.

Flat Leadership Structure

Leaders are people who are already contributing and are recognized for their actions.
Leaderships positions are not just handed out they are recognition of one’s continued and ongoing commitments and efforts. In this way leaders who become inactive will likely have their postions updated while others are elevated as required.

A higher rank does not mean you have power over other lower ranked members. Leaders are here to support, help direct and take ownership of their areas.Leaders should not abuse their powers in ways that restrict, control or use it to exclude people or groups, if anything they should be inclusive in a clear transparent way.
Leaders should see themselves as regular members and not a person of elevated power and their behaviour and actions should reflect this.

  • Everyone should have the ability to contribute if they wish to.
  • All members should be treated equally.
  • If you are to lead, lead by example.

what is expected of all SCA members

  • Don’t be a dick
  • See above
  • Play how you enjoy, but don’t bring the Alliance into disrepute with your actions (Do not imply that it is the organisation doing your craziness, etc.)
  • Help your mates
  • Call out leaders for being dicks, but otherwise go along with it.