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The Enablers / SCAA

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The Enablers is an organization of the Star Citizen Addicts Anonymous community. The Enablers is social in nature with divisions dedicated to all of the major aspects of the Star Citizen universe.

Ad astra per amicitam! To the stars, through friendship!


The Enablers

The Enablers grew out of a forum thread for Star Citizen addicts and fans of Nikki “Batgirl” D’Angelo’s Star Citizen AA videos. Join us as we indulge our addiction and explore the Star Citizen universe.

Come join us on the forums:

Our general org discussion thread

Our thread in the Subscribers Den where the org was born

The Enablers also has a private external forum at

We have a large collection of forum banners made by our own Captain Glume


The Enablers

The Enablers is a catch-all organization: Our main focus is social, and we plan on having hangars and club space for mingling and socialization. We have divisions for every major job in the game from exploration and mining to combat and [REDACTED], with a division head to organize and assist members interested in these activities.

You can do as little or as much as you wish. You can rise to be a division head, be a captain of a multi-crew ship and send out group requests for crew for your ships, or you can simply be a social person and enjoy the company of your fellow Enablers by hopping on board as a crew member when a call comes out. You can coordinate org events or you can simply join in on events that match your tastes.

Our theme is ‘enablement’ and we will have a vast collection of ships and places to utilize. 100’s of ships will be commonly waiting in orbit for crew, including Idris’s and other large ships.

The goal of ‘The Enablers’ is to have fun and be good to each other!


A brief overview of the structure of the Enablers

The RSI organization structure allows us to define roles, which govern access to the administration pages of the organization, and ranks, which can be used to denote status within the organization. The Enablers uses these and is also organized into Divisions devoted to different activities in which we participate in the Star Citizen universe.

The ruling Council consists of the highest officers. They govern the Enablers, set overall policy, and manage the organization’s assets. You can find a list of council members on the Members page by clicking the “Search By: Role” icon and then clicking on the Council role.


Title RSI name Description
Council founder Has full access to the organization. All of the Council members in the organization collectively form the ruling Council.
Magistrate officer Can manage members, change the names of ranks and roles, and moderate the organization chat.
Scribe branding Can manage the organization’s RSI site content and appearance.
Greeter recruitment Can manage the recruiting settings and accept new members.


Title Description
Queen The highest ranking officer and our leader who provides overall direction to the organization.
Hand of the Queen The Queen’s chief assistant who works in all areas to help manage the organization.
Division Head Leads a specific division of the organization and is responsible for the organization’s activities in that field.
Division Sub-head Assists the Division Heads.
Captain People who have shown leadership and initiative in helping the organization and it’s members.
Crew The rest of the Enablers. Every ship relies on a solid crew to keep her running and flying safe, and the Enablers crew are what keep us running.


Name Description
Exploration Exploration and navigational services
Merchant and Transport Trading and hauling
Mining and Salvage Mining and salvage operations
Org. Logistics Asset management and administration
Security Combat and escort
Social Event co-ordination and miscellaneous activities

Current Council Members

Name Position
Batgirl Queen
Arcbinder Hand of the Queen
Capt. Glume Division Head, Logistics
Eris Division Head, Social
Pathagarus Division Head, Mining and Salvage
Renegade-Shank Division Head, Security
jaustin89 Division Head, Exploration
Kagey Division Head, Merchant and Transportation