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Scorpio Splinter Syndicate / SCORPIO

  • Syndicate
  • Hardcore
  • Role play
  • Exclusive
  • Piracy
  • Smuggling

We are a tight knit organization of pilots, engineers, artists and highly experienced in the art of war from every aspect. Trade, Politics, Economics, Physics & Commerce are our fields of play and we are very good at what we do. Comprised of like minded adults you’ll want to be a part of The Family!


Greetings from Scorpio Splinter Syndicate. We are a group of gamer’s from all stripes and backgrounds. We love the spirit of online gaming and are eager to share our experience and know how to all our new members. We come from various games, but most of us come from the Scorpia server on BSGO. That was the toughest pvp server in that game. PVP while being one of our main areas of activity is not the only one. We are into the entirety of business, profit and financial domination against the corporate world that enslaves you all and this is where we find our most enjoyment in gaming. It is the challenge of facing an opponent and taking them down or undermining their efforts and thus crippling their abilities to cause harm to any of our businesses that thrills us all. Not just individually, but also teamwork, coordination and tactics. We are a rough crowd that makes no apologies and have no regrets for what we do and if you find yourself possessing the same metal then we encourage you to join us in dominating the Verse.


We are the Mafioso, a criminal syndicate of intergalactic proportions. Just think of us as a cross between Jabba the Hut & The Godfather but on a much larger scale. As some of you may have heard we are not grievers and in all reality we hate them and will kill them on sight. We exist as a force against the corporations that enslave you and to that end we profit mightily! We want and welcome fighters with the warrior spirit to add to our band of brothers. Some have fought against us in the past and now have a home with us in the online community. So we welcome all that wish to join us in battle and fight to the end. We don’t look at ourselves as the bad guys, just the guys with the bad ass guns and the experience to use them. Keeping that in mind I would like to add that this is a game and should be enjoyed.

Several former adversaries, but now good friends remarked that the game that we play together is a “decompression chamber”. Let go of the normal stress we all have, and let the adventure of the game give you a place to relax and have fun. My colleagues and I love a fun and challenging environment and that is our goal for the Scorpio Splinter Syndicate and her sister syndicates. Star Citizen has given us the opportunity to expand into a new world of gaming where you can be anything you like. Do anything you want. We will take the fight to the skies, the banks, the commodities markets and to the planets, moons, space stations and city streets and have a great time in this new universe without bounds where the next galaxy is literally the limit.

We very strongly believe that our single greatest strength is our collective yet diverse members who are the best of the best in providing us with the highest degree of intelligence and capabilities rather than a mindless unorganized collection of pilots. They are the tip of the spear as it were when it comes to our numerous combat missions, exploratory missions, business operations, economic endeavors, engineering and artistic expressions. We for the present time are small in numbers but they as well as our sister syndicates are the best of the best . We are looking for like minded criminals who know that the real battles are not on the streets or in the skies but in the minds and are prepared to join our ranks to share in the boundless bounty we will make our own.

Life In The Verse Is More Fun On The Dark Side…………….Join Us!


Scorpio Splinter Syndicate Charter

Who We Are
A. Scorpio Splinter Syndicate is an upstanding, galaxy class conglomerate with outfits specializing in resource location, procurement, and transportation. The Syndicate also provides top notch protection services for all of it’s members businesses. These services can also be made available for hire to qualifying organizations.
B. Scorpio Splinter Syndicate pledges to operate as a fractional, tight knit organization. We do not spam invites and we are not interested in playing the organization leader board game. We are here to have a good time!
C. Our involvement in Theft, Hacking, Gambling, Kidnapping, Smuggling, Trafficking, Contract Killing, Fencing, and Protection Racketeering are mere allegations and have NEVER been proven.
A. Scorpio Splinter Syndicate’s administration encourages all of the outstanding entrepreneurs who make up our membership to engage in business however they see fit. The organization is here simply to provide support for the membership’s endeavors. Think of us as the folks you can come to when you need a favor. There may come a day when the syndicate will need your assistance in return, and if it does you must not refuse.
B. Scorpio Splinter Syndicate will be made up of a few key divisions, each headed by a capo regime, or Section Commander. This structure is only in place to make it easier to support each member based on what their interest or business is within the verse. Remember, all core syndicate members will essentially have Carte Blanche in determining their individual destiny.
1. Mining & Resourcing. This division specializes in the procurement and processing of raw materials, or any other sources of profit you can think of.
2. Exploration. This division is charged with locating said resources. This is done using our considerable fleet outfitted with top of the line sensor equipment and the pilots that know how to use it. We also have access to a large information network. I’m not sure if it’s just our sunny disposition, but when SSS members just happen to meet someone in a bar, or maybe an alley, we find that people are literally dying to give us information that inevitably leads to profitable discoveries.
3. Transportation. Our transport division can & will move anything from data to VIP’s to raw materials and everything in between. At times the cargo may be materials procured by our resourcing team. Other times they may be items that fell inexplicably out of other people’s cargo holds. We don’t ask questions, we simply transport the package and collect the profit.
4. Salvage. Our exploration division is excellent at locating wrecks and other such opportunities for our salvagers to reclaim. In fact, our entire organization seems to have an uncanny knack for stumbling across tons of ship wreckage purely by coincidence. Our salvage department comes in and turns these happy accidents (or maybe not so happy for some) into pure unadulterated profit.
5. Security. Our protection services are second to none. We will take care of our own and we have the muscle to do it.
C. As outlined above, the members of our divisions work together for mutual gain.
D. The administration communicates with membership through it’s capo’s (commanders). Considering that SSS allows, and even encourages, complete freedom for it’s members to seek profit in whatever way they choose, you’ll of course understand the need to maintain plausible deniability.
E. All mediation and/or negotiations with other orgs will be handled exclusively through Syndicate consigliere (SC handle: Sequoia and DarkAngel)
There are a great many benefits that come with Membership such as access to our extensive fleet of ships, weapons and training. Of course being able to generate vast sums of UEC is among these as well. Ultimately it all boils down to the fun and camaraderie we share as a syndicate that matters most in the end and we are sure you will never get bored.
Scorpio Splinter Syndicate members must have Discord, know how to have a good time, have a thick skin, want to play as a team, and be comfortable with mature themes in a potentially immature environment and for the love of god fly casual, just don’t look like you’re flying casual…
Application Process
1. Apply at our RSI site eg. (Scorpio Home Page)“
2. Like our Facebook Fan Page: and request acceptance to our “Closed” Facebook Members only Group page: and follow the instructions for New Recruits that are pinned to the top of the page.
3. Download Discord App and join us in Comms so that we may provide you with the necessary and required permissions.
4. Once the PU has begun, there will be a vetting process and an initiation to be announced shortly after PU release.
1. Only “made” members will hold rank.
2. Rank is earned through actions, participation and displayed abilities in leadership roles. The Officer corps will conduct annual evaluations in this process to determine those worthy of promotions. However, should you impress the Supreme Commander he may opt to grant promotions for services rendered above and beyond the call of duty to the syndicate.
3. All members have a say in this organization regardless of rank or seniority. We are a group that values freedom. Remember, the “organization” is primarily a support system.
1. The syndicate views affiliates as emissaries of their primary organizations. They are attached as affiliates for the purposes of communicative support to their org’s, or for the purposes of establishing “Contract Services”.
2. We reserve the right to limit the number of affiliates from each organization.
3. Affiliates can not hold rank or position other than that of “Emissary”..
4. Affiliates are absolutely encouraged to hang with us on TS and have some fun
E. Omert`a.
All members, affiliates, and business partners must agree to the Code of Silence. This is non-negotiable
A. There are plenty of wallet warriors errrrr backers out there in the verse that boast large fleets. Our syndicate is no exception. We are happy to provide these ships to pilots who are just starting out so that they have the tools, as well as the training they need to succeed in the verse.
B. We require ALL members to serve as crew on larger ships at least once per month in a rotation designed to give you the needed experience at ALL stations, aboard ALL capital ships that make up our collective fleet. The scheduling of this involvement is left up to the members themselves but understand, your promotional evaluations are predicated upon your timely involvement in these team building activities.
C. Loyalty. Along with freedom, Scorpio Splinter Syndicate values loyalty above all else. We will strike down upon anyone with great vengeance and furious anger should they attempt to poison and destroy our brothers. Likewise, anyone who betrays our trust can expect to meet a similar fate.