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Scum / SCUM

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Your Cargo, Our Pleasure!


Established for Star Citizen in 2013, Scum was founded on the principle of “piracy with honour” alongside all manners of asset management solutions. Our officers are experienced in running successful guilds across a variety of games, including World of Warcraft, SWTOR, EvE online and Star Wars Galaxies, but also frequenty lead groups in FPS/Surival games too.

We wanted to create an organisation where members give their best but can also chillout at times and have a laugh along the way.

In other games, we have been able to “offer” other players the option to pay Scum with either their currency or goods for safe passage/prevent their destruction. If they comply, then they have our guarantee that no harm will come to them from us… until we see them again that is. Ideally we’d like to keep fatalities during boarding to a minimum, as we believe prisoners are worth more alive than dead, but if they fight back then it’s their own fault.

After 7+ years being in the Star Citizen community, Scum has grown to be a family of friends, participating in not only Star Citizen activities, but also many other games. Recently we’ve been also playing (ironically) Scum, RDR2 online and Hell Let Loose. Star Citizen is/will always be our primary focus, but we’ve definitely figured out how to fill in the spare time between patches.

We have members from all over the world including UK, Sweden, Germany, Canada and the US. We want to have enough members so that there is always someone to fly with when you come come online.

Join Scum today to be a part of our history and remember #PirateLivesMatter


Scum delivers swift and effective “Asset Management Solutions” and we pride ourselves in honoring the agreements we make with our “clients”.

Aside from sourcing cargo, our aim is to make money wherever it can be made, be it salvaging, drug production, smuggling, exploration, even rogue mining and trading. We have the means to do so.

Our Goals:

  • Create a relaxed and mature community of friends.
  • Honour our word during piracy and general gameplay.
  • Establish a reputation for swift, effective, polite “asset management solutions.”
  • Establish a sector of space which we can call our home and base of operations. (When available.)
  • Run multiple weekly operations once we have more variety of content. Currently 1 operation per week.

What does Scum offer you?

  • A fun and relaxed community environment.
  • Team gameplay.
  • Large number of unwilling clients.
  • Multiple roles available to our members.
  • No drama or Snowflakes.
  • Payment scheme from organisation activities (when available.)
  • Weekly org operations and/or training.
  • Multicrew ship gameplay. Many of our members have ships that need a crew to run efficiently. Want to man a turret or help navigate? Strap in!

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for applicants that fit the following criteria…

  • 21+
  • Willing and able to honour our charter,
  • Able to listen and learn, but also provide feedback.
  • Active in game and on Discord.
  • Hardcore.
  • Drama Free.
  • Team Player.
  • Fluent in English.
  • Not a Snowflake.

What roles are available in Scum?

We do not seek to limit our members to any one specific role. There are infinite ways to enjoy Star Citizen and we want to offer the most fulfilling experience to our members regardless of their choices. Some activities our members wish to do are as follows…

  • Boarding Crew.
  • Combat pilots.
  • Turret Gunner.
  • Salvaging.
  • Medics supporting our brave boarding crews
  • Exploring
  • Smuggling


Organisation Rules and Regulations:

  • Members must honour any ransoms or tolls agreed upon. Failure to do so will result in immediate disciplinary action, possibly resulting in expulsion from the organisation.

  • Members are expected to act in a manner that will not detract from the image of Scum.

  • Members must keep updated on our latest news, intelligence and faction standings.

  • Members are to respect one another and use common courtesies..

  • Members are expected to keep any information regarding areas of operation, fleet or squadron composition, targets or other vital information confidential.

  • No joining other organisations that have a conflict of interest to Scum. If in doubt contact a Director or Officer.

  • It is expected that we are your main organisation and not an affiliate.

  • Members most importantly, should enjoy themselves and have fun :)