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Smiling Dog Crew is a loose consortium of dedicated emergent content creation professionals. Our
field specialists pride themselves on an agile service response model capable of delivering straight-thru-the-cockpit solutions with a competitive salvage-back guarantee.


SDC was born out of the need to rebalance a tragic drought in smiles per gallon (“SPGs”) in and around the core systems. In late 2015, the supply of carebears was at an all time high, resulting in a perfect storm of casual flying and a scarcity of salvagable materials. In order to meet this market decoupling head-on, SDC was formed with an initial equity investment from Elite’s SDC Partnership for the Future of Harvesting Crybaby Tears Fund, and immediately began deploying capital and mobilizing personnel for the purpose of providing personalized (“PPPP”) solutions for every citizen, with the objective of maximizing investor value through our own proprietary metric of SPGs.

Field-ops began in 2016 when Partnership Agreement for The Smiling Dog Crew LLC (“The Crew”) was officially registered. In the succeeding years, The Crew has generated an enormous amount of stakeholder enthusiasm and above market returns with our synergistic capital growth strategies. Since then, our organization has astronomically exceeded expectations for growth in salty crybaby tears harvesting, all while maintaining a citizen-owned, zero-hierarchy organizational structure that has truly unleashed the passion and pipelines of our outside sales professionals. These factors continue to ensure the speedy and efficient delivery of quality content solutions for both our partners and our clients.


The Smiling Dog Crew (hereon SDC) is a highly aligned, but loosely coupled consortium of emergent content creation professionals that operate out of several locations in core space, serving key constituencies in the Crusader, Hurston, and greater Stanton cluster metropolitan areas. Our professionals in the field pride themselves on delivering above standard processing and creative solutions for stakeholders in both Griefer-to-Carebear (“G2C”) and Griefer-to-Griefer (“G2G”) market segments.

SDC specializes in high velocity and impactful deliveries of content through precision deployments and bespoke tactical targeting. We pride ourselves on providing top-tier Straight-Thru-The-Cockpit (STTC) service for all citizens, regardless of financial situation, demographic characteristics, or affiliation. SDC is an equal opportunity service provider—no citizen is absolved from a fully customized, and highly personalized solution. There is no escape from service of this level of quality.


  1. Maximize SPG.
  2. Always be boosting (“ABB”).
  3. Mine Salt.
  4. Never get salty (“NGS”).