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Society of Exploration, Acquistion, and Collection / SEAC

  • Faith
  • Casual
  • Exploration
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Welcome to the Society of Exploration, Acquistion, and Collection. This is for those who enjoy exploring, mystery/puzzle solving, & collecting various treasures.

Focused on everything from solving puzzles to collecting all Fishes, this is the place for SEACing all mysteries in the ‘verse.


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Notable Dates

June 15th, 2944Official thread finally made in the Organization forum.
May 20th, 2946Official website created.


Right now, there is not much to actually share here until things are more stable. The website is continually updated with new flair and trinkets and is the best way to keep up with things while this group will include mostly information on where to get things currently available. If you sent an invite and do not hear back within 48 hours, please contact an admin for the organization directly or use the website’s contact form:


Our Goal

The Goal of SEAC is more or less completing Collections, Exploring every end of the ‘verse, and solving each Puzzle we stumble upon for all of our members. We do not focus at all on profit and profit will never be looked at as a priority.

We will always properly credit anyone who helps out and do our best to make every member happy (and feel complete)!


1. You will be respectful to all members.
2. You will not give up or leave upon getting what you want. It’s one thing if you have to do something—it’s another if you ditch everyone just because you’re done.
3. You will give credit to the appropriate party/parties.
4. You will not use SEAC for profiteering.