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SecureTech Galactic / SECURETECH

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Welcome to the SecureTech recruitment page, please excuse the current state of construction you may find on our site. To be blunt. Yes, we are currently reviewing applications for captains and crew for various ships in our fleet. Captains with ships may be expedited. Please submit any apps below.


After floating back to station one too many time, Xen Takimaru had enough. It was time to find captains willing to band together and push back at the lawlessness of the vacuum. Taking the insurance money, and a sizable tech investment in a fleet, he goes and buys a Galaxy, a Scorpius and a Vulture to insure that he can respond to any need the corps had. Over time, a the corporation made the move processed ore and salvage to keep the bounty hunters flying. A few loyal friends joined him and they headed off to find their first contract. Over time others joined the corps and who knows, maybe it’s time for you to become a part of what you see in the holovids?


Are you sick and tired of leaving port and being killed before reaching your destination? Have you had your fill of wasting money and time flying thorough lawless sectors, wishing you had more guns when 3 blips suddenly appear on radar? We understand, because we have been there. Well, this is what we plan to do about it. Any ship hauling freight needing an escort, we’ll take that contract. You have a sector full of pirates that need to be thinned, we’ll take that contract. You lost your ship or cargo, we’ll take the contract to recover it. We are here to insure that shipping lanes and ports are safe for everyone. While travelling, anything that we come across to salvage as derelict, what is found boosts the fleet.


Our goal is to profit while making space safer. To meet this goal, we will Engage on 4 fronts. The first front is Protection, Escort missions. The second front is Enforcement, Bounty Missions. The third front is Technology, High tech Trading. The final front is Recovery, Salvage and Cargo recovery missions. Fine what you excel at, and help your fellow Captains and their missions. We will never ignore piracy and will intervene if able.