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SeeD Military Solutions / SEED

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SeeD Military Solutions aims to provide professional, discreet and efficient service for those in need.

We offer a wide range of services, from simple escort and protection details, to undercover operations, Intelligence gathering, information transportation, bounty targets and take-down or disruption operations.

SeeD operatives are also able to work for extended periods of time with little to no support.

Our organization is willing to provide services to individuals as well as small businesses and start-up companies. We also sub-contract to larger PMC’s for operations they would like to keep under wraps.

While SeeD’s specialty is in covert operations we are also willing to negotiate direct conflict contracts as auxiliary forces or a specialized strike team.

So if you need discreet, specialized military solutions tailored to your needs, get in touch with SeeD today!


SeeD Charter:
The following is the official rules that SeeD Operatives are expected to follow when on Duty.

- Always heed the orders of a Higher Ranking SeeD Operative when on contract. Additionally, Captains overrule any Operative regardless of Rank, while the Commander may overrule any Captain

- When under contract a SeeD operative should always act in a discreet manor and not bring unnecessary attention to either their mission or SeeD. Operatives should not act in a way that brings dishonor or disgrace upon SeeD.

- The SeeD Charter overrules all. If a Client’s orders contradict the SeeD Charter a SeeD Operative is permitted to refuse the order stating to the Client that the order is in violation of the SeeD Charter.

- The Mission is priority. When an operative is under contract, they must at all times endeavor to complete the mission. They must not engage in activities that may endanger the success of the mission. If a Client’s order will result in the failure or possibly endanger the success of the mission a SeeD Operative is allowed to refuse the order stating to the Client that the Order is in violation of the Mission.

- a SeeD Official should never interfere with a contract or its contracted operatives unless in a dire situation. In such a situation SeeD Officers may requisition available SeeD Operatives to abandon their current work to aid the Official. If it is deemed an Official has abused this power and disrupted a contract without reason they will be stripped of their rank with the possibility of further reprimand. Any SeeD Operatives that followed the Officials command will be safe from reprimand. The Commander may overrule any contract without reprimand.

- As much as possible SeeD Operatives should obey the law of the region as long as the law of the region does not contradict the SeeD Charter

- SeeD Operatives will be payed a set amount when issued a contract (either in a lump sum or in deposit and final sum) However, SeeD Operatives who display exceptional performance in the line of Duty will be eligible for bonus pay, promotions and other awards. (exceptional performance includes displays of bravery, conduct, ingenuity, determination or commendation from a client)

-Operatives will at times be expected to undertake missions with little to no support. SeeD Operatives in such a situation are expected to use their ingenuity to overcome any obstacles that might come up. SeeD Operatives who display a good ability to work in such conditions can expect to rise in rank quickly.

-SeeD Operatives should not involve themselves with wanton piracy. However, if the Operative is attacked they are permitted to defend themselves (and any salvage may be kept by the Operative) Also if a contract specifies a certain person or group as a target it is permissible for the operative to collect any salvage unless otherwise stated in the contract.

-SeeD Operatives should avoid combat when on a mission unless said combat is vital to the success of the mission.

-A SeeD Operative should never expose another Operative or compromise a mission.

-When a SeeD Operative is not under contract they are free to act as they desire. However they must still endeavor to not bring unnecessary attention to SeeD. If a SeeD Operative commits crimes in their personal life it is up to the discretion of the Commander and SeeD Officials if any action should be undertaken.

-SeeD Operatives should endeavor to not hold a grudge against particular pilots or organizations. The ability to enter battle in a calm state is a desirable trait for SeeD