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Blind Fortune / SEENOTHING

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Blind Fortune, an org for merchants seeking treasure. We are a traveling merchant brotherhood that explores systems searching for rare and unique items. we experience all aspects of the game, and while we don’t focus on combat, we are constantly finding ourselves in difficult situations. Join today.


Members of Blind Fortune disclose many things, but the one thing they do keep a secret is how the brotherhood actually started. The only thing known for sure, is that the first Grand Big was a Xi’an explorer, who found himself lost and stranded in Messer space as the cold war between our species began. With humans in fear, he was quick to make friends with the Banu. They let him traveled in their markets as they crossed the galaxy. During which, He learned English and almost everything to know about the sectors he passed through. Then one day, he befriended a young human slave, a boy who he quickly formed a brotherly bond with. supposedly, Before the Xi’an disappeared into the xi’an sectors he bought the boys freedom and taught him everything he had learned over the years. Their friendship was the first of The Blind Fortune brotherhood

the number of member grew as the boy did until the Messer felt threatened by their power. The band of brothers were persecuted by their propaganda and targeted as criminals. bounties were placed on Members. They were killed off one by one; However, some survived, by hiding deep in the Banu systems.

Now, centuries later their legacies live on though us. We the students of the founding brothers have taken their roles, and now that Messers are gone, we have returned to reclaim our thrown in the Black Market.


The Doctrine of Blind Fortune;

Blind Fortune is a merchant and treasure hunting guild that operates on the border of the law. We are a one ship (BMM) operation. Our full time members are a part of a Brotherhood which will have access to some of the best and rarest, if not unique items, that will be in the full game (treasures). Our affiliates will have access to those trades. I hope to guide this guild to the treasure market as swiftly as possible, but it’s likely going to be impossible to start there. In the meantime before hand, I will almost certainly start this guild out as a grey market arms dealer. we are going to attempt to corner a market. Chances are we’ll be dealing with illegal items, and smuggling as we sell out to the warring guilds. You must be mature enough to handle illegal merchandise with respect to the law.

Blind Fortune is a low profile organization; an org that does not focus on firepower. Defense, strategy, and utility are the three fundamentals of our Brotherhood.
In terms, Defense is our ability to keep damage to a minimal while devising plans and taking action. Defense is also what keeps our profiles low, losses low, and income high.
Utility enhances our ability to find and create openings. We will be utilizing all of the game’s mechanics in our favor. Hacking is likely to one I favor.
Finally, Strategy is our ability to communicate and work as a team. It’s the Orgs ability to execute operations, to find new metas, and to use our relations with other guilds.

(Guild lore) Like the Xi’an founder of Blind Fortune, we fight our battles with intellect over all else.

In the brotherhood, members with value will keep a calm head, and collective thoughts. We will encounter almost every possible situation in Star Citizen at any given time, so it’s important to be fully prepared, loaded, and equipped. We will do our best to avoid conflict, and refrain from killing players if possible. However, leave no witnesses and do not discuss any detail of Blind Fortune. Members will not discuss information, or location of other members with anyone outside the org. As well, members are to help and keep in touch with each other. After all, we are a Brotherhood.

Join our public discord at


Our laws are as follows:
Ordinance 1: All members in violation of the Doctrine (manifesto) will be prosecuted.
Ordinance 2: members will report other members to official brothers.
Ordinance 3: Brothers will not kill Players without just cause.
Ordinance 4: Brothers will not draw their guns to make threats. Your gun is to kill: only.
Ordinance 5: Brothers will not leave each other behind.