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Galactic Senate / SENATE

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Neutral meeting grounds for Org Leaders and Diplomats.


Welcome to the Galactic Senate

This is a neutral organization that serves to function as a diplomatic channel for org leaders and head diplomats. Whether you need to quickly contact an org to hash out a contract or discuss the political intricacies of the ‘verse, the Senate is the place for these discussions.


Membership is granted to any org with 20+ main members. However, upon implementation of the persistent universe and activity in communities this cutoff will most definitely increase. All organizations regardless of size who meet this requirement will be allowed two representatives (Org Leader and Head Diplomat).

How to Apply for Membership

Simply have the org leader click the “Join” button on the org page. Please also provide the RSI handle of the Head Diplomat so he may also be invited to join.

What the Galactic Senate is not:

Coalition, alliance, federation, etc. The Senate is not a decision-making body as that would undermine its function as a neutral zone for discussion.


Page Under Construction. Please check back soon!


Page Under Construction. Please check back soon!