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Roberts Space Industries

Sephiroth Link / SEPHIROTH

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Sephiroth Link is the connection between you and your deisred target.
We work at peak efficiency and without any unwanted consequences.


Sefiroth Link

Sephiroth as a method for writing runes originated from ‘The Tree of Life’. In many other religious branches it changed and evolved into different visions of it, yet the concept remained the same.
In our days when everything is optimised, for the sake of maximum efficiency and in order to save time, we have less spheres in our concept, though we never miss anything.

Sephiroth Link is the connection between you and your target, we work at with peak efficiency and with no unwanted consequences.


In the three stems of the Sephiroth Tree three core ideas are conceived:

Strength and discipline.

The tree’s roots dig deep into the earth, and its branches reach out further into the sky.
We are capable of dealing with many different tasks, as we can cover both military and civil spheres.

Awareness of one’s own path and humility.

In the Legend the same humility taught that Human is not God, but he is very resourceful.
We are not trying to jump ahead of ourselves, we reasonably evaluate our strength. We shall not take up a job just to disappoint our client.

…and at last, wisdom.

We are aware of the consequences of the actions we take, we care for both our reputation and the quality of the result.