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Follow the path to wisdom⍫welcome to S⠜E⠑R⠗T⡜Corporation


S.E.R.T. Corporation welcomes you. While we expand operations we’d like to extend a hand of friendship and if you’d like to place a show of interest, apply.

- we would like to issue the following statement.

Please consider these few points if you are interested in joining.

Do you have a sense of humour?
Are you committed player?
Do you consider yourself mature?
Are you a person who is easily offended?

If any of these questions you find difficult to answer this org may not be ideal for you.

Historical Reference – SERTCO/archives #0001

Forward note – the following records serve as a time capsule if this corporation still exists in 200 years time.

It was the year 2941, a year of change. A year of innovation. A year of business. It was a year much like any other since the UEE had come to be known as a significant power in the universe. Many new corporations, businesses and organisations were starting up. A year of power, a year of franchise and opportunity.

Three ordinary men, humans from the core worlds had started to wonder if this was it! This was their lives, the dull drum and grind of interstellar employment was all they knew . They wondered daily if there would ever be more.

A fateful gettogether, a party of friends and comrades was where the name SERTCO first was spoken. Amidst the festivities and party goers, they struck up a conversation these three average men. They learnt from one another that they were not so average after all. Mcduff, a man who worked in the EVA suit R&D industry and interstellar salvage. E7T a shadowy military operative who would only provide his code insignia, and Zylander a curious man with varied interests but had a background in working with fragile data cores amongst other things.

The group had one thing in common, they were tired of the life’s they were leading. They wanted more, they knew there was more. So the three started talking mid party, Mcduff challenged E7T to a drinking competition whilst the music started to speed – no one really knows who the winner was. Much of the night was missing from each of the mens heads, however what the group did remember was wanting more than the life’s they had to return too shortly. The next morning they talked amongst each other, Zylander suggested they start a corporation at which point the three started to think. The benefits of such a venture was obvious, for profit and adventure. To see things, to experience more in life.

The next 3 months were spent grinding on as usual, but the three would often meet up and discuss ideas. They threw possibility’s back and forth. Gradually ideas begun to mould, until this great corporation was born. S.E.R.T.C.O or Salvage-Exploration-Research and Technology Corporation was established as a multi interest for profit corporation. The three, appointed themselves as the CEO’s and named their positions in sertco collectively as THE COUNCIL OF THREE. After a little time, rudimentary structure was established and declared the council of three would head different departments.

Shortly after establishment and initial command structure was put in place a small group of recruits joined. These recruits have their own story to tell, but history shall record these accounts.

To the present time, is what you see now. We are actively recruiting. Sertco needs you. Do not fear what is unknown, fear only the known. Join our growing family today. Protection, Status, Family and Companionship. Welcome home.

This history log will be updated as significant events unfold in Sertco’s operations.

File end

Historical Reference – SERTCO/archives #0002

In the year 2944 the tactical combat simulator was made available by the UEE. It first received a prototyping from highly regarded scientists and the first military simulator modules rolled out. Initially UEE officers found these modules improved critical areas of rookie pilot training test results and large scale deployment begun. After a short time, civilian and corporate models were rolled out. Sertco today purchased a corporate model. All of its members were encouraged to use this resource and prepare for further training. This record marks the beginning of Sertco’s brand immersion, its activity’s and involvement in the galactic community.

File end

Historical Reference – SERTCO/archives #0003

A new era dawns. During a recent council meeting it was decided that employees need an external information kiosk, a place for less formal corporate communication. A place for their voices to be heard, also a place to submit ideas and suggestions. The Council of Three was also aware of SERTCO’s lack of employee’s. Any strong organization has man power, strength in policy’s and structure is critical but if the numbers are not present to fill important roles expanding is difficult so the need for mass advertising has finally become apparent. All employee’s are encouraged to make use of the new kiosk. You may comment with your authorized account here

Signed off – Dranor Zylander

File end

Historical Reference – SERTCO/archives #0004

As corporate infrastructure is upgraded, a new employee resource will be rolled out and made available when possible. The platform is being prep’d now and will be ready soon. Check for updates regarding this on the employee information kiosk

This resource will feature employee training resources, team building resources and the ability to interact with other employees less formally.

File end

Historical Reference – SERTCO/archives #0005

Today a significant new asset has been acquired, after much cooperation and discussion it was decided by the Council of Three that a Banu Merchant Man was to be purchased. A Banu representative was contacted and trade negotiations commenced. The deal was finalized coinciding with the UEE celebrating a public anniversary. This major purchase represents a significant new asset in SERTCO’s inventory. Crew is yet to be selected and if any recruits would like to serve on this new vessel you should contact one of the Council of Three. Further details are to follow.

File end

Historical Reference – SERTCO/archives #0006

Today marks the beginning of an alliance between two organisations. After much negotiation and discussion the leaders of STOIC and SERTCO shook hands and agreed to an alliance. In recognition of this day, this news has been added to our historical archives. All members are hereby notified that new rules will be coming into force in regards to any allied operations and your conduct will be expected to be of a good standard during these operations.

No changes are planned to existing rules outside of inter-org operations and conduct around allied members and leaders. Details are to follow when the facility’s to make this information available are in place in regards to fleet capacity and the benefits of this new alliance. This also brings many new opportunity’s for our existing and future employees.

Hail STOIC, and welcome brothers.

File end

Historical Reference – SERTCO/archives #0007

Yesterday a historic event took place and shall be noted in Sertco’s history. A pledge of support and confidence was given to Operation Pitchfork. Effective as of now all employees are hearby placed on combat readiness alert in preparation for this shakedown of the Vanduul sector. Details of Operation Pitchfork can be found here

Another less but equally important historic event also took place a few days ago, a major communication service is now implemented and active. Until official channels are opened this will be the primary communication hub between all employee’s, CEO’s and also our brothers STOIC. Access details can be obtained by contacting one of the 3 CEO’s of sertco due to this being a secure resource.

File end

Historical Reference – SERTCO/archives #0008

Today a significant event took place in this corporations great history. Her flagship, a Banu Merchant Man was voted upon for naming and a decision reached. From today onwards Sertco’s flagship will be known as the SC Erebus with the credentials SC standing for Sertco. Shes currently awaiting dry dock facility’s to be made available for her maiden voyage. As per the request on the employee information network, all employee’s are urged to consider offering their crewmanship aboard her.

For those not aware of the Banu Merchant Man’s details, you may study them here

Signed off – Council of Three

File end

Historical Reference – SERTCO/archives #0009

We welcome the addition of a P52 to our small but growing fleet, Sertco is now officially racing with Shorty Mcduff being our very first recognized racer. Rattle their hulls Mcduff!

File end

Historical Reference – SERTCO/archives #0010

Greetings employees. We have been very busy recently, deployment plans are rapidly expanding. There are two exciting bits of news to share, Sertco acquired a constellation with plans to retro fit her to a Redeemer. This mighty gunship will serve as our security command vessel for increased protection and to oversee operations.

Of lesser significance but worth noting two of the council members will soon have improved field tools. They will be deployed in the very near future and trials will take place. The tools worth will be measured for the usefulness to employees. A report will be provided after the trials have been completed.

In other news recently a new member joined, we welcome PEGelite may your employment with us be enjoyable and valued. We also extend a warm welcome to all other members and affiliates.

Pending updates will be forthcoming as events develop.

“war is coming, its foretold in the stars. Let he who hath wisdom escape into the void, only there may peace be found in places unknown”

-update testing will take place soon, a full report will be provided.

File end

Historical Reference – SERTCO/archives #0011

We have an announcement to make. Today a new communications system was brought online, the old system was decided to not be suiting our needs. With this comes public communication in a more secure manner.

This opens up trade possibilities as well as easier access for potential employees to apply.

You can access the new communications platform here

Trials are well underway for the new field operative tools, a report should be released soon. Keep training current employee’s, we will have need of your skills soon.

File end

Historical Reference – SERTCO/archives #0012

The field tools were found to be sufficient, however when possible mk2 replacements will be investigated. At this time we cannot recommend all operatives and agents utilize the field tested tools – more information can be found here.

In other news plans for the Redeemer have been scraped instead Sertco welcomes the addition of a Retaliator to their fleet. May she serve us well.

A small disclaimer – Sertco is not a military corporation nor intends to be, any military ship we acquire shall have alternative uses. Instead we perfer to use the term security when speaking of offensive/defensive capacity.

Further updates are pending.

File end

Historical Reference – SERTCO/archives #0013

Due to unforseen circumstances Dranor Zylander has indefinitely ended his partnership and role in this org sadly before it got off the ground. Let it be said, to try is an accomplishment but to do nothing to merely be men has little merit to be proud of. In an official statement Dranor Zylander had the following to say

“Its been a good few years, the plans we had were big and i hope nothing changes. I’d like to request that a new Science and Tech CEO is found as my replacement but i now leave for bigger things and the reins of leadership fall to Shorty McDuff and E7T. Guys do your best and make the best use of Shorty McDuff’s science vessel and any other members who are willing to help with their own ships. This is not the end merely the beginning. I would also like to leave a parting gift for all of our org members, it will be distributed when available through appropriate channels. You are all appreciated for sticking with us and hanging in there. In closing, there is more wonders out there than any man woman or child can possibly comprehend, to the stars and forever. Make us proud, for the love of the corporation! ‘cry’”

Regrettably the registration of Sertco’s flagship is owned in a non transferable state by Dranor Zylander, due to this turn of events she’s being let go without any other possible recourse of action. Sadly the Retaliator falls into this bracket as well. Whilst Sertco’s fleet capacity is being reduced she still has a capable number of ships and two able leaders.

And so with this news a CEO position is now available but that is left up to the remaining two leaders to decide upon. CEO’s and employee’s are reminded to honor our brothers in STOIC upholding our alliance should they ever be in touch. The future of SERTCO now rests in the capable hands of Shorty McDuff And E7T.

Dranor Zylander signing off. Make us proud lads!

File end


Are you ready to feel the burn of stellar sun on your face, brave the biting cold of frozen waste lands? See the eternal horror and intertwined beauty of the deep, come my child there is much to learn much to see your journey is just beginning.

The four corners of the universe know the secrets from time before time what do they whisper, do you hear the mocking birds call do you hear the silence that beckons sit still so ever quietly do you hear it now? These hearts of journeymen long for adventure, they shall yield aye they shall – Council of Three


Our goal
We seek to become a driving force in trade, exploration and science with a mandate for profit however we understand a well equipped well trained recruit is a more productive recruit.

The rewards
Would you like to be part of exciting adventures into the unknown? How about cutting raw metal from 1000 year old derelicts. Maybe your calling is on the offence or defense? If you are finding any of this interesting read on.

Our command structure is in place, it needs to be expanded upon. So far there’s three leaders controlling one department each. Depending on what you’d like to do in Sertco suggests which department you will be assigned too.

The Structure is as follows

- Trade and Salvage >
- Accounts >
- Science and Research >

Under each main department will be many sub-departments of which details are still in the planning stages. The idea has been floated for each branch to have independent security, it will work a bit like recruit ‘A’ is interested in helping with security matters in ‘branch name’ they are then directed to the appropriate senior employee.

Basically you will be presented options with each 3 main branch’s having multiple category’s which translate to jobs, depending on your past gaming experience and skill you may be earmarked for certain jobs. Then you will have to choose which role you’d like to enter into as a starting point with Sertco, your performance will be monitored and regularly evaluated. Higher positions and ranks may be offered.

Pay and promotions
Pay is per job, if you dont turn up you wont get paid. This free’s the responsibility and harassment of not making an appearance. Rank does have a place in Sertco, your pay grade is based on rank accordingly. There are different ranks for different types of jobs.

Training is mandatory for all new recruit’s, it keeps you fighting fit knowing what to do at the right time. Training will be ongoing during your career with Sertco later moving into specialist training.

Employee benefits and perks
  • Confidence in knowing there is strong leadership and tactical observation watching current events
  • Access to high end equipment including first class medical treatment
  • Top of the line armour and defense equipment will be provided to all recruits as a standard employee kit
  • Your own personal lockup in base HQ – if possible
  • Ship facility’s, fuel and workshop amenities – usable with your personal assets at cost or from your pay. Employee discounts may apply
  • Exclusive officers club
  • Room for career growth in your chosen field
  • Possible Titan armour training and use – squad leaders will be able to put in supply requests

Disciplinary action
There will be measures in place if breech of conduct takes place or matters needing more involvement than a report being filed. A disciplinary action council in time will be established to investigate and decide the ultimate outcome of any such events. Disciplinary action may range from fines with pay being docked to expulsion from Sertco following an official report to a UEE representative.

Employee secure access
When the security system are in place access to secure areas will be issued to those whom require it, strict security procedures in all departments will be adhered too. Any breach of security will be handled with the upmost seriousness. All employee’s will be issued secure access to their own personal lockups, it will be each employee’s responsibility to regularly monitor and update their lockups security including reporting any incidents such as theft or breakin’s.

Corporate social environment
We believe in comradeship and actively encourage it. Always feel free to get to know your fellow crew mates, we here at Sertco strongly believe this makes a more productive environment.

We are actively interested in sporting events, with plans to sponsor an official team for the various cups. If you’d like to be part of this endeavor please contact us upon acceptance of your recruitment application.

signed off – Council of Three, 2941