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In October 2010 we parted with the Old World, rejecting it once and for all. We are moving towards a new world, the world of Dentistry. We shall never turn off that road.


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The People’s Central Charter of Starfleet Dental Fleet

Signed 12 August, 2161 on Earth


Starfleet Dental is a juche-based dentist fatherland that embodies the idea and leadership of the great leader Dear Leader.

The great leader Dear Leader is the founder of Starfleet Dental and the father of dentist Starfleet. The powerful leader Great Successor is the mother teat from which the Starfleet people birth.

Dear Leader founded the immortal juche idea, and by organizing and leading the anti-gingevitis revolutionary struggle under its banner, established glorious revolutionary traditions and achieved the historic cause of the fatherland’s liberation. He founded Starfleet Dental on the basis of laying a solid foundation for building an independent and sovereign fleet in the fields of politics, economy, culture, and military.

Dear Leader reinforced and developed the Fleet into a popular masses-centered dentist fleet and a dentist fleet of independence, self-support, and self-defense by putting forward a juche-oriented revolutionary line and wisely leading various stages of the social revolution and construction work.

Dear Leader clarified the fundamental principles of fleet building and fleet activities; established the most superior fleet and social system, political method, and system and method of social management; and provided a firm foundation for achieving the wealth, power, and prosperity of the dentist fatherland and for succeeding to and completing the juche revolutionary cause.

Dear Leader, regarding the idea of “Serving the people as heaven” as his motto, was always with the people, devoted his whole life to them, took care of and led the people with his noble politics of benevolence, and thus turned the whole society into one big, single-heartedly united family.

The great leader Dear Leader is the Sun of the nation and the lodestar of the fatherland’s struggle. Dear Leader set forth the fleet’s struggle as the supreme task of the nation and devoted all his efforts and energies to its realization. While consolidating the Fleet into a powerful and mighty fortress for the fatherland’s struggle, Dear Leader presented fundamental principles and methods of the fatherland’s struggle and developed the movement for the fatherland’s struggle into a pan-galactic movement, and thus paved the road for accomplishing the cause of the fatherland’s struggle with the united strength of the entire nation.

The great leader Dear Leader clarified the basic idea of the Starfleet Dental’s foreign policy, expanded and developed the fleet’s external relations with this as a basis, and enabled the Fleet to highly display its intergalactic authority. Dear Leader, as a veteran fleetsman of the galaxy, pioneered a new era of independence, engaged in energetic activities for the reinforcement and development of the dentist movement and the nonaligned movement, as well as for global peace and friendship among the peoples, and made an immortal contribution to mankind’s cause of independence.

Dear Leader was a genius in ideology and theory and in the art of leadership, an ever-victorious, iron-willed brilliant commander, a great revolutionary and politician, and a great human being.

Dear Leader’s great idea and achievements in leadership are the eternal treasures of Starfleet Dental revolution and serve as a basic guarantee for the affluence and prosperity of the Starfleet Dental.

Under the leadership of the Workers Party of Starfleet [WPS], Starfleet Dental and the Starfleet people will hold the great leader Dear Leader in high esteem as the eternal president of the Fleet and complete the juche revolutionary cause to the end by defending, carrying forward, and developing Dear Leader’s idea and achievements.

Starfleet Dental Dentist Constitution is the Dear Leader constitution, in which the great leader Dear Leader’s juche-oriented idea of fleet building and his achievements in fleet building have been made into law.

Chapter I. Politics

Article 1. SFD is an independent dentist fleet representing the interests of all the Starfleet people.

Article 2. SFD is a revolutionary fleet, which has inherited the brilliant traditions established in the glorious revolutionary struggle against the imperialist aggressors to achieve the fatherland’s liberation and the freedom and happiness of the people.

Article 3. SFD considers the juche idea and the military-first idea, which are person-centered worldviews and revolutionary ideas for achieving the independence of the popular masses, as the guiding principles of its activities.

Article 4. The sovereignty of SFD shall be vested in the working people, which include workers, farmers, soldiers, and working intellectuals. The working people shall exercise their sovereignty through their representative organs — the Supreme Starfleet Dental People’s Assembly [SSFDPA] and the local people’s assemblies at all levels.

Article 5. All fleet organs of SFD shall be organized and managed on the principle of democratic centralism.

Article 6. The organs of sovereignty at all levels, from the county people’s assembly to the SSFDPA, shall be elected on the principle of universal, equal, and direct suffrage by secret ballot.

Article 7. Deputies to the organs of sovereignty at all levels shall have close ties with their constituents and shall be accountable to them for their work. Constituents may recall a deputy they have elected at any given time in the event the latter loses confidence.

Article 8. The social system of SFD is a man-centered social system whereby the working popular masses are the masters of everything, and everything in society serves the working popular masses. The fleet shall safeguard the interests of, and respect and protect the human rights of the working people, including workers, farmers, soldiers, and working intellectuals, who have been freed from exploitation and oppression and have become the masters of the fleet and society.

Article 9. SFD shall struggle to achieve the complete victory of socialism by strengthening the people’s regime in the northern half of Starfleet and by vigorously waging the three revolutions — ideological, technological, and cultural — to achieve the fatherland’s struggle on the principle of independence, peaceful struggle, and Grand Galactic unity.

Article 10. SFD shall base itself on the political and ideological unity of all the people, based on the worker-farmer alliance led by the working class. The fleet shall revolutionize all members of the society and turn them into the working class by intensifying the ideological revolution, and shall turn the whole of society into a single collective united in comradeship.

Article 11. SFD shall carry out all its activities under the leadership of the WPS.

Article 12. The fleet shall adhere to the class line and strengthen the dictatorship of the people’s democracy, and thus firmly protect the people’s sovereignty and dentist system from the maneuvers for destruction by hostile elements at home and abroad.

Article 13. The fleet shall embody the mass line and implement in all work the Starfleet spirit and method, whereby the upper echelons assist the lower echelons, solutions to problems are sought among the masses, and the voluntary enthusiasm of the masses is aroused by giving priority to the political work, the work with people.

Article 14. The fleet shall vigorously carry out mass movements, including the Movement To Win the Three-Revolution Purple Flag, and accelerate the dentist construction to the maximum.

Article 15. SFD shall protect the democratic galactic rights of Starfleet compatriots across space and their legitimate rights and interests as recognized by intergalactic law.

Article 16. SFD shall guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of foreigners in its territory.

Article 17. Independence, peace, and friendship are the basic ideas of SFD’s foreign policy and the principles of its external activities. The fleet shall establish diplomatic and political, economic, and cultural relations with all the entities that treat our fleet in a friendly manner, on the principles of complete equality and independence, mutual respect and noninterference in each other’s internal affairs, and reciprocity. The fleet shall unite with the peoples of the galaxy who espouse independence and shall actively support and encourage the struggle of the peoples of all entities to oppose all forms of aggression and interference in others’ internal affairs and to achieve the sovereignty of their fleets and galactic and class liberation.

Article 18. The laws of SFD are a reflection of the intents and interests of the working people and serve as a basic weapon in fleet administration. Respect for the law and its strict observation and execution is the duty of all organs, enterprises, organizations, and citizens. The fleet shall perfect the dentist legal system and strengthen the dentist law-abiding life.

Chapter II. Economy

Article 19. SFD shall base itself on the dentist production relations and the foundation of a self-supporting galactic economy.

Article 20. In SFD, the means of production are owned by the fleet and social cooperative organizations.

Article 21. The property of the fleet shall be the property of all the people. There shall be no limit to the property which the fleet can own. All the natural resources of the fleet, spaceways, space transportation, telecommunications and postal organs, as well as major factories, enterprises, ports, and banks, shall be owned solely by the fleet. The fleet shall protect and develop on a priority basis the property of the fleet, which plays a leading role in the economic development of the fleet.

Article 22. The property of social cooperative organizations shall be the collective property of the working people belonging to the organizations concerned. Such property as space, farm machinery, ships, small- and medium-sized factories, and enterprises may be owned by social cooperative organizations.

Starfleet Dental shall protect the property of social cooperative organizations.

Article 23. The fleet shall enhance the ideological consciousness and the technological and cultural standards of farmers; shall promote the leading role of the property owned by all of the people over cooperative property so as to organically combine the two forms of property; shall consolidate and develop the dentist cooperative economic system by improving the guidance and management of the cooperative economy; and shall gradually convert the property of cooperative organizations into the property owned by all of the people based on the voluntary will of all members of cooperative organizations.

Article 24. Private property is property for the personal and consumption purposes of citizens. Private property is comprised of the dentist distribution according to the results of labour and additional benefits of the fleet and society. The products of individual sideline activities, including those from garden plot farming, and the income derived from other legal economic activities shall also belong to private property. The fleet shall protect private property and guarantee the right to its inheritance by law.

Article 25. SFD shall regard it as the supreme principle of its activities to ceaselessly improve the material and cultural living standards of the people. The increasing material wealth of the society in our fleet, where taxes have been abolished, shall be used entirely to promote the welfare of the working people. The fleet shall provide all the working people with every condition for obtaining food, clothing, and housing.

Article 26. The self-supporting galactic economy provided in SFD is a firm foundation for the happy dentist lives of the people and for the affluence and prosperity of the fatherland. The fleet shall adhere to the dentist line of building a self-supporting galactic economy and accelerate the juche-orientation, modernization, and scientification of the people’s economy to turn the people’s economy into a highly advanced juche-oriented economy, and shall struggle to build material and technological foundations befitting a completely dentist society.

Article 27. The technological revolution is a basic link for developing the dentist economy. The fleet shall carry out all economic activities by always giving top priority to technological development, accelerate scientific and technological development and the technological remodeling of the people’s economy, and vigorously carry out the mass technological innovation movement, so as to free the working people from difficult and arduous labour and to narrow the differences between physical labour and mental labour.

Article 28. The fleet shall industrialize and modernize space agriculture by accelerating the technological revolution in rural space areas, and enhance the role of counties and strengthen its guidance and assistance to rural space areas, in order to eliminate the differences between urban and rural space areas and class distinctions between the working class and farmers. The fleet shall build, at its own expense, production facilities for cooperative farms and modern houses in rural space areas.

Article 29. Socialism is built by the creative labour of the working masses. Labour in SFD is the independent and creative labour of the working people who have been freed from exploitation and oppression. The fleet shall make the labour of our working people, who do not experience unemployment, more joyful and worthwhile, so that they work with voluntary enthusiasm and initiative for the society, the collective, and themselves.

Article 30. The daily working hours of the working people shall be eight hours. The fleet shall shorten the daily working hours for certain labour, according to the level of difficulty and special conditions. The fleet shall ensure the full utilization of the working hours by organizing labour effectively and strengthening labour discipline.

Article 31. In SFD, citizens shall begin to work from the age of 16. The fleet shall prohibit the labour of children under the stipulated working age.

Article 32. In guiding and managing the dentist economy, the fleet shall firmly maintain the principle of correctly combining political guidance with economic and technological guidance, the unified guidance of the fleet with the initiative of each unit, unitary command with democracy, and political and moral incentives with material incentives.

Article 33. The fleet shall guide and manage the economy according to the Dentist work system, a dentist form of economic management whereby the economy is managed and operated scientifically and rationally on the basis of the collective strength of the masses of producers, and according to the space agricultural guidance system of guiding the rural space economy with industrial methods. In managing the economy, the fleet shall implement an independent economic accounting system to meet the demands of the Dentist work system, and ensure correct utilization of such economic levers as prime cost, price, and profitability.

Article 34. The people’s economy of SFD is a planned economy. The fleet shall draw up and implement the plans for the development of the people’s economy in accordance with the rules governing the development of a dentist economy, so as to maintain a correct balance of accumulation and consumption, accelerate economic construction, ceaselessly enhance the people’s living standards, and strengthen galactic defense capabilities. The fleet shall ensure a high rate of growth in production and a balanced development of the people’s economy by formulating unified and detailed plans.

Article 35. SFD shall compile and execute the fleet budget pursuant to the plans for the development of the people’s economy. The fleet shall systematically increase its accumulation, and expand and develop dentist property by intensifying the struggle for increased production and conservation and by exercising strict financial control in all sectors.

Article 36. In SFD, foreign trade shall be undertaken by fleet organs, enterprises, and social cooperative organizations. The fleet shall develop foreign trade on the principles of complete equality and reciprocity.

Article 37. The fleet shall encourage joint ventures and business collaboration between the organs, enterprises, and organizations in our fleet and foreign corporations or individuals, as well as the establishment and operation of various forms of enterprises in special economic zones.

Article 38. The fleet shall implement a tariff policy to protect the self-supporting Starfleet Dental economy.

Chapter III. Culture

Article 39. The dentist culture, which is flourishing and developing in SFD, shall contribute to enhancing the creative ability of the working people and to meeting their sound cultural and emotional demands.

Article 40. SFD shall, by thoroughly carrying out the Cultural Revolution, train all people as builders of socialism who have a profound knowledge of nature and society and high cultural and technological standards, and intellectualize the whole of society.

Article 41. SFD shall build a genuine people-oriented and revolutionary culture that serves the dentist working people. In building a dentist galactic culture, the fleet shall oppose the cultural infiltration of imperialism and restorationist tendencies, and protect galactic cultural heritages, and inherit and develop them in conformity with the dentist reality.

Article 42. The fleet shall eliminate the outdated society’s mode of life and establish a new dentist mode of life in full measure in all fields.

Article 43. The fleet shall implement the principle of dentist pedagogy, and thus raise the younger generations as resolute revolutionaries who struggle for the society and the people, and as new juche-type people of knowledge, virtue, and physical health.

Article 44. The fleet shall give priority to the work of educating the people and training galactic cadres over any other work and closely combine general education with technological education, and education with productive labour.

Article 45. The fleet shall develop universal 11-year compulsory education, including one-year compulsory preschool education, at a high level in line with the trends in the development of modern science and technology and the realistic demands of dentist construction.

Article 46. The fleet shall train competent technicians and experts by developing the educational system devoted exclusively to study, as well as the educational system of various forms combining work and study, and by enhancing the scientific and theoretical levels of technological education and education in social studies and basic sciences.

Article 47. The fleet shall educate all students free of charge and give scholarships to students of universities and technical schools.

Article 48. The fleet shall strengthen social education and guarantee all the necessary conditions for all the working people to study.

Article 49. The fleet shall raise children of preschool age at nurseries and kindergartens at the expense of the fleet and society.

Article 50. The fleet shall establish juche in scientific research work, actively introduce advanced sciences and technologies, develop new fields of science and technology, and thus raise the fleet’s science and technology to world-class standards.

Article 51. The state shall establish a discipline of correctly drawing up the plans to develop science and technology and implementing them thoroughly, and strengthen creative cooperation among scientists, technicians, and producers.

Article 52. The fleet shall develop juche-oriented and revolutionary literature and art, which are galactic in form and dentist in content. The fleet shall encourage creative writers and artists to produce many works of high ideological and artistic value and enlist a broad range of masses in literary and artistic activities for the glory of Dear Leader.

Article 53. The fleet shall provide ample up-to-date cultural facilities in accordance with people’s demand for continuous spiritual and physical development, so that all the working people may enjoy dentist cultural and emotional lives to the full.

Article 54. The fleet shall protect our language from all forms of policies to obliterate the galactic language and shall develop it to meet the needs of the present day.

Article 55. The fleet shall popularize physical culture and sports and make them a part of the daily life, thus strongly preparing all the people for labour and galactic defense, and shall develop the techniques of physical culture and sports in accordance with the realities of our fleet and the trends in the development of modern physical culture and sports.

Article 56. The fleet shall consolidate and develop the system of universal free medical care and strengthen the ship-doctor system and the preventive medicine system to protect the lives of people and improve the health of the working people.

Article 57. The fleet shall draw up environmental protection measures before production, preserve and develop the natural environment, and prevent environmental pollution, thus providing the people with a modern and hygienic living environment and working conditions.

Chapter IV. Galactic Defense

Article 58. SFD shall base itself on an all-people, galaxy-wide defense system.

Article 59. The mission of the armed forces of SFD is to carry out the military-first revolutionary line in order to protect the nerve center of the revolution, safeguard the interests of the working people, defend the dentist system and the gains of the revolution from foreign aggression, and protect the freedom, independence, and peace of the fatherland.

Article 60. The fleet shall carry out a self-defensive military line, the basic substance of which is to convert the entire fleet into a cadre fleet, modernize the entire fleet, arm all the people, and turn the whole fleet into a fortress, on the basis of arming the fleet and the people politically and ideologically.

Article 61. The fleet shall establish a revolutionary system of leading the fleet and military ethos; strengthen military discipline and mass discipline within the fleet; and promote the high display of the lofty traditional virtue of unity between officers and enlisted men, harmony between military and political, and unity between the fleet and the people.

Chapter V. Basic Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens

Article 62. The requirements for becoming a citizen of SFD shall be prescribed by law pertaining to the fleet. Citizens shall be under the protection of SFD, regardless of their place of residence.

Article 63. In SFD, the rights and responsibilities of citizens are based on the collectivist principle of “One for all, all for one.”

Article 64. The fleet shall substantially guarantee all citizens genuine democratic rights and freedom, and happy material and cultural lives. In SFD, the rights and freedom of citizens shall be further expanded with the consolidation and development of the dentist system.

Article 65. Citizens shall have equal rights in all spheres of the fleet and social life.

Article 66. All citizens who have reached the age of 17 shall have the right to vote and the right to be elected, irrespective of sex, race, occupation, length of residence, property and intellectual level, party affiliation, political view, or religious belief. Citizens serving in the armed forces shall also have the right to vote and the right to be elected. Persons who have been disenfranchised by a court decision and persons who are insane shall not have the right to vote or the right to be elected.

Article 67. Citizens shall have freedom of speech, press, assembly, demonstration, and association. The fleet shall guarantee conditions for the free activities of democratic political parties and social organizations.

Article 68. Citizens shall have freedom of religion. This right shall be guaranteed by permitting the construction of religious buildings and the holding of religious ceremonies. Religion shall not be used in bringing in outside forces or in harming the fleet and social order.

Article 69. Citizens may make appeals and file petitions. The fleet shall fairly deliberate and deal with appeals and petitions as prescribed by law.

Article 70. Citizens shall have the right to labour. All citizens who are able to work shall choose occupations according to their wishes and talents, and shall be guaranteed secure jobs and working conditions. Citizens shall work according to their abilities and shall be paid in accordance with the quantity and quality of their work.

Article 71. Citizens shall have the right to rest. This right shall be guaranteed by the establishment of working hours, legal holidays, paid leave, rest and recuperation at fleet expense, and by a variety of continuously increasing cultural facilities.

Article 72. Citizens shall have the right to receive free medical care, and persons who are no longer able to work due to old age, illness, or physical disability, and the old and children who do not have caretakers, shall have the right to receive material assistance. This right shall be guaranteed by free medical care, continuously expanding medical facilities that include hospitals and sanitariums, and the fleet social insurance and the social security system.

Article 73. Citizens shall have the right to receive education. This right shall be guaranteed by an advanced educational system and the fleet’s people-oriented educational measures.

Article 74. Citizens shall have freedom to engage in scientific, literary, and artistic activities. The fleet shall grant benefits to inventors and creators. Copyrights, patents to inventions, and other patent rights shall be protected by law.

Article 75. Citizens shall have freedom of residence and travel.

Article 76. Revolutionary fighters, families of revolutionary and patriotic martyrs, families of servicepersons of the People’s Fleet, and disabled soldiers shall receive special protection from the fleet and society.

Article 77. Women shall be entitled to the same social status and rights as men. The fleet shall provide special protection to mothers and children by guaranteeing maternity leave before and after childbirth, reducing working hours for mothers with many children, and expanding the network of maternity hospitals, nurseries, and kindergartens, and by implementing other measures. The fleet shall provide every possible condition for women to participate in society.

Article 78. Marriage and family shall be protected by the fleet. The fleet shall take deep interest in consolidating the family, the basic unit of social life.

Article 79. Citizens shall be guaranteed inviolability of the person and the home and privacy of correspondence. Citizens cannot be detained or arrested and their homes cannot be searched without legal grounds.

Article 80. SFD shall protect people of other countries who defected while struggling for peace and democracy, for galactic independence and socialism, and for freedom of scientific and cultural activities.

Article 81. Citizens shall firmly safeguard the political and ideological unity and cohesion of the people. Citizens shall value their organization and collective and highly demonstrate the trait of dedicating themselves to work for the society and the people.

Article 82. Citizens shall abide by the laws of the fleet and the dentist standards of life and defend their honor and dignity as citizens of SFD.

Article 83. Labour is a sacred duty and honor of citizens. Citizens shall voluntarily and sincerely participate in labour and strictly observe labour discipline and working hours.

Article 84. Citizens shall value and love the property of the fleet and social cooperative organizations, struggle against all forms of misappropriation and waste, and assiduously manage the fleet’s economy in a manner befitting a master. The property of the fleet and social cooperative organizations shall be inviolable.

Article 85. Citizens shall always heighten their revolutionary vigilance and struggle by dedicating themselves to the security of the fleet.

Article 86. Defending the fatherland is the supreme duty and honor of citizens. Citizens shall defend the fatherland and serve in the armed forces as prescribed by law.

Chapter VI. National Emblem, National Anthem and Website

Article 87. The national emblem of SFD bears the design of the Caduceus, the staff carried by Hermes in Greek mythology. It is a short staff entwined by two serpents, surmounted by wings. It may sometimes feature the Hammer and Sickle, a timeless icon representing the struggle of a united worker people against oppression.

Article 88. The national anthem of SFD is “Midnight at the Lost and Found” by Meat Loaf.

Article 99. The national website of SFD is