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Sturmgrenadier was founded in 1999 by a group of mature gamer’s playing World War II online. SG was founded on the principles of teamwork, organization, and training. This more organized approach to gaming lead to great success and growth in the SG community. SG transitioned into Planetside and from there grew into a multi-gaming syndicate, participating in SWG, WoW, EVE, and other games all at the same time. SG Syndicate Officers oversee “portals” with their own Command Staff’s and structure devoted to specific games. With this increased flexibility of game choice for members SG continued to grow and has enjoyed success and participation in countless games since it’s creation. SG currently has portals devoted to Planetside 2, World of Tanks, EVE, World of Warcraft, and Final Fantasy XIV. SG has additional “Trial portals” for newer games and games that have a smaller team focus such as League of Legends.


Since 2000, Sturmgrenadier, aka SG, has opened its doors to gamers from around the world and all walks of life. We pride ourselves on having an adult gaming community in which we practice an operational and organizational tempo that far exceeds other online gaming groups.

Although SG revolves its membership around massively multiplayer games like Planetside 2, Eve Online, World of Warcraft, and World of Tanks, we are also active in some of the smaller team oriented games such as League of Legends, and Mechwarrior Online. No matter where you are located in the world or your gaming experience, if you are a mature adult gamer that values teamwork, communication, mutual respect, and have the desire to have fun in games and win honorably, then you have found the right organization in Sturmgrenadier.

Welcome to the site and enjoy your stay.

LostLogic ~ Sturmgrenadier CEO