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“ Men wanted for hazardous journey. Low wages, bitter cold, long hours of complete darkness. Safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in event of success. “ – Shackleton



Founded by a group of veterans, smugglers, cutthroats, vagrants, cast-offs, and free-thinkers many centuries ago in 2012. In a dive bar in GrimHex, a group of former mercenaries decided to give up their life of fighting other people’s wars to venture out into the black, to see what is out there. Gaining their fortune by some lifelong connections and investments they found themselves in a position to locate resources, map star systems, establish trade routes, and begin colonization via outposts and mining camps.


Shackleton Enterprises is the tip of the spear for deep-space exploration and trade. We will go where no one has dared venture before, we will find valuables, riches, exotic wildlife, gas giants, and minerals. We will build trading posts, map star systems, establish trade routes and provide security once routes are established.

It is the aim of this organization to tame what is untamable.

As such another area in which Shackleton Enterprises stands above the rest is their premier security team. Gained from experience from years of combat around the verse, these security operators provide the top tier in threat assessment, asset protection, Hostage rescues, and deep space recovery. They also specialize in crash recovery, crash response as well as crash investigation.

We also can handle all of your deep space, logistical needs providing support for materials, food, equipment, fuel, and human transport.


Shackleton Enterprises does not condone piracy in any form. As a service to the public, pirates will be engaged and destroyed at every opportunity regardless of primary mission. If you are found guilty of piracy during your employment, you will have your assets seized and put to death immediately.

Recruitment is simple, to join our fold, ask. We will bring you on a trial basis and if you work out then you will be asked to join as a fulltime crew member where you will be assigned to the division of your choice. The current Divisions are Security, Logistics, Flight Operations, Maintenance, and Exploration.

As an employee of Shackelton Enterprises, you are expected to act professionally at all times. This includes negative encounters, you are to be nice and polite at all times, until it is time not to be nice.

We operate under simple rules, Fit in, or F – Off.

Full Membership is voted in by founding members and recruitment is always open.

Look us up on Discord if you have any questions, or on Spectrum