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Roberts Space Industries

Shadex Inc. / SHADEX

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You got some cargo? We’ll move it.
You got a fleet? We’ll escort it.
You got an enemy? We’ll kill it.
You got work? We’ll do it.


Overhaul incoming


What we are:

What we are is a collection of hands for hire. Agents are available for a variety of tasks and In the future we shall be able to assist with any task or overcome any challenges. We work for cash and we work for you but more importantly we work for your cash.
We aren’t simply an organization. We are NON-mutually exclusive and take all hands regardless of main org. Instead we are agency connecting customers with personnel willing and able.

1000 Members Soon™


Payment is in two parts with one being upfront while the second being after the job is complete. We reserve the right to refuse services before the initial payment based on any reasonable grievance. Any complaints can be filed by messaging proper personnel such as an executive.