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Shadow Vipers / SHADOVIPER

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Alea iacta est – The die is cast

We are anti-piracy – Newbie Friendly – Multi-national – Offering military and support positions – See the Charter

We highly welcome all Veterans and active duty members of the armed services. Civilians are also welcome.




Brief History of the Shadow Vipers


The Shadow Vipers were born on the 18th of May, 2017.

We were created in the hopes of forming a family of like minded individuals who strive for professionalism and excellence, while adhering to a code of conduct that helps to give our clients a peace of mind.

We are a PvP centric organization that desires to be multi-national and operate in most if not all time-zones. Our members primarily hail from North America, with people ranging from Europe to Australia.


Alea iacta est – The die is cast


The creation of the Shadow Vipers marked the point of no return. We are an organization that will not stop and will continue to roll the dice in a universe of unforgiving possibilities.

The game is set, the pieces are known. – Let the die be cast.



Delivering Death By Stealth

“Blades of glass, ghosts of darkness.
Death from stealth, An unseen likeness.”

The Shadow Vipers are not a PMC, we are a Military Organization that values honor, teamwork, strategy and stealth. We are the brotherhood that stands by each other and delivers the fangs of death to anyone the client needs. Strategy is very important to us and stealth and teamwork is paramount to this strategy. Our tactics provide a cohesive structure for our clients to rely on. They know that whatever the task, we can accomplish it with a very light footprint.

Brotherhood and Community

“A brother left, a brother right.
Together we are, together we fight.”

The Shadow Vipers is a mature community of like minded individuals who desire a no Drama and bullshit playstyle. We want to give our clients the professionalism they desire and the results they deserve. We are a PvP centered community that includes training and jobs in all aspects of Star Citizen. Battle drills will be commonplace in between our military operations. Above all else… We are a community who not only play Star Citizen but other games as well. Bridging our teamwork into a wide variety of gameplay and styles.

Real life comes first

“Family, Wife and Career
Happiness, life and Beer”

Real life is always first, your family, your wife and your job always comes first before a game and we will never force you into situations that you are uncomfortable with. We just expect you to speak up, let us know what is happening and how we can help create a harmonious relationship between member and organization.

Principles of Guidance:

  • Honor:

We are an honorable and professional organization and will always offer the ability for our enemy to surrender. The enemy is a person playing a game, he will be treated with respect and dignity as all people deserve.

  • Integrity:

A Shadow Viper is a person of integrity, courage and conviction. They must be willing to control their impulses and exercise courage, honesty and accountability in order to do what is right even when no one is looking.

  • Service Before Self:

Our professionalism must be adhered to at all times. We serve the client’s wishes and we are neutral towards others. Self Control, discipline and respect for everyone takes place over our desires. Customer Service is paramount in dealing with clients.

  • Excellence In All We Do:

Aiming for excellence is what the Shadow Vipers strives for. We train and we train hard. Making sure all of our principles and our code of honor is adhered to. We must continue to improve and continue to be there for the client and our organization.



Basic Requirements:


  • Must be 18 years of age or older and realize that you’re joining a mature group of individuals. We desire maturity and respect in our members at all times. We don’t have time for bullshit.
  • Veteran, Active Duty or Civilian – we do not discriminate, all are welcome!
  • We are a pvp centered organization and everyone is expected to be able to fight, should the need arise. We have support divisions but combat may happen at any time and we don’t want you to be unprepared and thus, all members will be trained and must be at least proficient in basic FPS and Flight.
  • Must have in good working order – a microphone/headset capable of VOIP communication. Push to talk is also strongly enforced.
  • Must follow the Operations Commander during combat operations and must adhere to combat comms during PvP. Otherwise, open comms is encouraged with loads of laughter and jokes abound.
  • Shadow Vipers must be set as your Main Organization.
  • Alliances are closed until we get to game launch but friendly diplomatic discussions are welcome as always. Just no commitments can be made.


Rules of Conduct



These rules are here to make sure we have a great community and everyone can learn to work together in a brotherhood of cooperation. These are only here to make sure that our community has an atmosphere that is fun and comfortable for everyone. If you have any questions, please ask and we can clear it up for you.

General Rules

  • 1) There is an absolute ZERO tolerance on Piracy against any innocents.
  • 2) Griefing other players is not tolerated and you will be kicked from the organization without a second thought.
  • 3) No slavery of any kind
  • 4) Spying for another organization constitutes as an immediate removal from the organization.
  • 5) Be Respectful to others – YOU are REPRESENTING the Shadow Vipers.
  • 6) No Trolling others on RSI forums or In-Game.
  • 7) No Smack Talk in Local Chat/General Chat in-game or on RSI forums. (The best smack talk is winning in PvP so leave your ego at the door.)
  • 8) No hidden affiliation or redacted unless special permission given. Shadow Vipers must be set as your MAIN Organization.
  • 9) No affiliations with pirate organizations or entities that desire us harm.

Teamspeak/Discord and Forums/Spectrum

  • 1) Be respectful to others – insulting, flaming or personal attacks against any member will not be tolerated.
  • 2) No pornography or illegal material
  • 3) Please do not post inappropriate material. The policy goes that if you would not feel comfortable viewing it at work, or in front of children or parents, don’t post it!
  • 4) Profanity is fine as long as it carries no religious connotations but any use of racially, sexually or other offensive language or behavior will not be tolerated.
  • 5) Leave religion and politics at the door – we do not need to rile people up. Respect other’s beliefs.
  • 6) No Trolling others – in or out of our organization.
  • 7) No impersonation of others or officers.
  • 8) No drug, religious, racist or sexual references will be tolerated in your name. If your name interferes with TS communication, it is unacceptable. Any member with numbers or jumbled letters only for a name is also not tolerated. For example: 35g26it352 is not acceptable as a name. Using a name like “FireAtWill” is also a bad name. Please have an appropriate name.
  • 9) Leave any drug talk for private discussions, it is fine if you practice it but it does not need to be broadcasted to everyone.
  • 10) No spamming channels
  • 11) If you are given permissions to administrate clients (kick, ban, move, etc.) do not take advantage of this privilege and kick, ban, move, etc. for no reason, this is abuse of power and will result in loss of permissions and/or a temporary ban.
  • 12) Do not play music or soundboards over your microphone, this is extremely disruptive.
  • 13) Push to talk is required for Combat operations.
  • 14) Teamspeak is required when playing Star Citizen. You don’t have to be in the main channels but you need to be on the Teamspeak server.
  • 15) Only Recruiters are permitted in the interview room.
  • 16) Please do not post threads text in all CAPITALS since this is considered to be shouting and is not necessary.
  • 17) Do not spam commands for example join/leave channels and mute/unmute microphone.
  • 18) Affiliates wishing to advertise their org on the ts/forums MUST contact Xondor before doing so.


Divisional Structure


We favor roles that our members can fulfill. We have a very loose divisional structure that doesn’t carry any real weight other than identifying their respective positions. There are various disciplines that you may be able to fulfill in our organization and not all will be labeled completely on RSI because right now CIG hasn’t added enough. As such… some of these divisions will have multi-disciplines.

Now it is possible to be in various divisions in our organization but you will have to choose a main and train well for it. Although if you are a jack of all trades… you can always just dabble in every single division – as long as you declare your main.

Our divisions of the organization are as follows:


Command Operations



Those in charge of various divisions and responsibilities of the organization.


Those in charge of recruitment, overseen by the recruitment director.


Combat Operations


Special Operations Command

These guys are our shadow vipers – The stealthiest of our kind. They operate closely with Force Recon and prowler squadron. These guys are the ones who operate our Eclipses, Sabres and other stealth ships to conduct operations deep inside enemy territory without anyone knowing they are there until the bombs are dropped. A good number of these are also trained as FPS troops that operate on board prowlers to get in and get out quietly and efficiently while delivering death by stealth.

  • Bounty Hunters – Falling under the Special Operations Command, these “Shadow Hunters” are the bounty hunting arm of the org. These are one of a kind and can operate solo or with a group, they are apart of the special operations command.
  • Prowler Squadron – Falling under the Special Operations Command, This is a small group of individuals responsible for operating our squadron of prowlers. These guys are some of our best pilots and shield techs and the marines on board are some of the best.
  • Marines – Falling under Spec Ops – These are the standard foot soldiers and FPS troops at our disposal. They participate in boarding operations, ground ops and everything in between. Non-specialized and purely for FPS.
  • Heavy weapons – Falling under Spec Ops – These guys are the ones that live and breathe in Titan Armor and sleep with their railguns.

Force Recon

Scouting and intel collection: See marine force recon that the US uses. Pathfinders are also apart of this division. Combat controllers also work closely with the scouts and provide battlefield control for aerial and space flight maneuvers. They sometimes work with the science division to enhance our intel and combat effectiveness in the field.

  • Electronic Warfare Signals Intelligence (EW-SIGINT) – Falling under the Force Recon Division – These are the guys who operate the Sentinels, Warlocks and Heralds. Analyzing signals and providing intelligence for our operations and electronic warfare and jamming of enemy communications and ship subsystems.
  • Combat Controller – (CCT) These are the guys who provide command and control and direct air and space traffic from remote and sometimes hostile areas. These highly trained experts are trained in a range of skills in order to establish control and provide combat support on every mission.

Aerospace operations

These guys are responsible for piloting and crewing the large multi-crew ships and capital ships. This includes Gunnery Command.

  • Combat Pilot – These guys are the ones who help to escort and provide space superiority in single or multi-crew vessels. They fall under Aerospace Operations.
  • Gunnery Command – These guys are our turret gunners and experts in the operation of turret based weapons. Gunnery Master or turret master is another word for them. They fall under Aerospace Operations.


Support Divisions


Science Division

These guys are responsible for our weapons being upgraded and exploration conducted with planetary or solar surveys to help us to enhance our military effectiveness on the battlefield. Sometimes working with Force Recon.


Responsible for planning and carrying out the movement and maintenance of our military forces. Cargo transport, refueling, storage, distribution, evacuation, and transportation of personnel. At the behest of the client, the logistics division may help transport cargo to and from destinations.


These folks are responsible for repair related activities and base creation opportunities. All aspects of construction, repair and creation are what our Engineers are all about!


Responsible for all medical needs and search and rescue operations. Our Pararescue division primarily focuses on getting our guys out of harm’s way with minimal losses and might be sent to rescue clients if the pay is right.

Salvage and Reclamation

Providing clients and our own forces with a ready supply of scrap metal for our logistics division. Helping to strip the battlefield after we are done to make sure that our profits are as high as they should be.

Rockhound Division

Those with an appetite for crushing rocks and deriving pleasure from the procurement of mining rights. Yes This is the mining division, the Orion super-center of fun!