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A decade of friendship and gaming – Still Flying!


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We are recruiting like minded people – Fun but focused, easy going but intent on success and conquering content.

Strength in Honor is a decade strong with several hundred members across our games. We play games together – Whether FPS, MMO, Multiplayer, or even PNP over Roll20. Members have come and gone and come again to our gaming sessions, but they always seem to stick around in some capacity, whether through our forums, steam group or Facebook.

We have had great success in endgame, pvp, and have a good reputation in the games in which we participate. We are a PG-13 guild, like to have fun without being too blue or too stiff.

We have a strong presence of couples and even families in the guild and a wide spectrum of younger and older gamers.


Mission Statement

The focus of the Strength in Honor Community (SiH) since 2003 has been to provide a friendly, positive, mature environment where members can unite to partake in adventures and quests together. We continuously strive to keep a balance between a community of like minded gamers who enjoy participation in community games and to maximize success in the games in which we participate.

This gaming community of SiH is void of griefers, cheaters, swindlers, and hackers. This is a clan of friends, comrades, and buddies; we are a family. Each and every member strives to be virtuous and maintain a high level of integrity towards guild members and other players in the game. We are here as a group of like-minded gamers and deviations from our ideals are not welcome in our organization.

If you share the SiH stance on gaming, then we invite you to share in the adventure, the community, and the game!


Strength in Honor Charter

Membership in Strength in Honor is a privilege, not a right, and as such, so is the use of our forums. We expect and will not tolerate less than a positive atmosphere for everyone in the guild. We will enforce a general code of conduct to be followed by all members across all formats of communication. This code is designed as a safe-guard should anyone upset our friendly atmosphere. Adherence to this code is a sign of a great guild member and is appreciated by everyone. What you post is your responsibility, so think about your words before you post them. If they do not show respect or civility toward your fellow members, or if those words may violate a rule, then rephrase them or simply do not post them.

A warning will be given for most first-offenses; however if continued abuse occurs, the offender may be temporarily suspended from using the forums. Repeat offenses will result in a permanent ban and removal of membership from SiH.

Leadership reserves the right to evaluate each incident for severity and apply the rules appropriately.

The following are deemed inappropriate:

Personal insults, including but not limited to:
** (a.)Racial or ethnic slurs
** (b.)Sexism
** (c.)Character defamation
** (d.)Derogatory statements about members of a political faction
** (e.)Derogatory statements about nations or ethnic groups

Harassment, including but not limited to:
** (a.) Using any game-related chat, game-related forum, or SiH-related communication medium (forums, Facebook, private messaging, etc.) to harass any person; not restricted to guild members
** (b.) Posting another member’s personal information without their consent

Religious antagonism, including but not limited to:
** (a.) Disparaging a major religion
** (b.) Disparaging religious figures
** (c.) Derogatory comments toward practitioners of religious or atheistic beliefs

Obscenities, including but not limited to:
** (a.) Pornography
** (b.) Sexual violence (this includes using the word “rape” in any non-informational context)
** (c.) Crude or vulgar sexual content

Inappropriate language or discussions, including but not limited to:
** (a.) Any language beyond PG-13 or prime-time television language
** (b.) Promoting illegal activities
** (c.) Encouraging exploitation or any in-game behavior that is against that game’s terms of service
** (d.) Posting information that transgresses a non-disclosure agreement
** (e.) Publicly discussing disciplinary action taken against a member, either offensively or defensively

Trolling or spamming, including but not limited to:
** (a.) Creating duplicate threads for the purpose of circumventing a locked thread
** (b.) Circumventing a suspension or ban
** (c.) Advertising for business or sales without the consent of guild leadership
** (d.) Intentionally causing disturbances or conflicts

Note: This includes any SiH -related communication, any game-related chat, and any game-related forum.

Disciplinary action:

If any member of the guild conducts himself or herself in a manner that violates this code, the disciplinary process will be as follows:
** Violation #1: Official warning
** Violation #2: Official warning + 3-day suspension from the forums and/or muted in chat
** Violation #3: Official warning + 7-day suspension from the forums and/or muted in chat
** Violation #4: Removed from the organization and banned from the forums