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Silver Wolf / SILVERWOLF

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Welcome to Silver Wolf.

The premiere Exploration, Research and Scouting Organization.


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It is the eighth of March 2805. The war with the Vanduul has lasted over a century and shows no signs of coming to an end. For the past 23 years I have fought and bled for the UEEN. My survival can certainly be attributed to a good portion of luck, but most of all I’m alive because of my fellow brethren in the ReaperWolf wing, part of the 36th fighter squadron of the UEEN. I fought during last years of the war against the Xi’an and through the years I survived some of the bloodiest battles against the Vanduul . I saw the fall of Imperator Messer XI, served the UEE with honour and although I did not always agreed with the cause, I fought. I have earned my Citizenship! I’ve experienced the so called “honour” of battle first hand; hubris captains actively seeking out the biggest fights, sacrificing soldiers for their own gain, murdering my friends and brothers. I’ve had enough of UEE’s wars and I want to find out what lies beyond the borders of what is known. I leave now on a peaceful expedition with a group of good men and women from the Stinger Wolf wing. The crew all bundled together to buy us our new home: The Silver Wolf. She’s an old military battle-worn carrack we bought from a reclaimer crew, but she will do nicely until we make a worthwhile discovery so that we can bring her up to standards. Tomorrow we set out to explore the galaxies and see what beauty there is to behold. – Magnus ‘Irathi’ Wolfgang 8/3/2805 ‘Founding Member’.

Fifteenth of August 2815 – A lot has happened since our founding, 10 years ago. Our ranks have steadily increased, even with the losses we’ve suffered. Turns out that scientific pursuits were more dangerous than any of us had foreseen; Vanduul raiders, unstable wormholes, hostile planets.
Thankfully our venture has so far been met with more fortune than misfortune and our fleet continues to grow in size.

Second of April 2823 – The organisation continues to grow as more outposts have started employing our exploration parties. As a direct result we have pushed further into the field of archaeology, geology and botany, to better profit from our findings. We have also pushed out into acquiring a large retired ship of the UEEN that I used to serve on. She was pretty beaten up and will be restored as quickly as money comes in. We have nicknamed her Fenrir and can’t wait to see her fly again.

Twenty Third of January 2843 – Today was a sombre day. Twelve of our installations found themselves targeted by unknown aggressors, presumably pirates. Their motives remain unclear.
[Personal note: Pirate scum!]
The loss of life and material has severely crippled our efforts. As an unfortunate result of this, the Fenrir project will have be to be put on hold indefinitely to allow us to consolidate our remaining assets.

Fourteenth of November 2856 – The meeting with Xi’an representatives has borne fruit. Through diplomacy – well, favours actually – we’ve proven our peaceful intent and have been granted access through their space.
[Personal note: Certainly easier than having to sneak through.]
We’re looking forward to expanding our library with previously undocumented xeno fauna and flora.
Sadly, any truly new specimens have to be registered with the Xi’an authorities. As such, we won’t get to name anything, but it should help prove our mutual interests.

Twenty eighth of December 2885 – Four days ago a summit was called to address the increase in Vanduul attacks. All affected parties were invited, along with a contingent of the Trade Republic’s PMCs, to formulate a plan of defense along the Vanduul border.
We were asked to join based on the proximity of our installations and our previous scientific forays into Vanduul-controlled space.
Sadly, so far the colonial representatives and the TR have been unable to reach an agreement…that is to say one where were the TR doesn’t gain a monopoly over our private enterprises.
The days haven’t proved entirely fruitless though. While most of the PMC representatives scoffed at the notion of our civilian input, we did manage to strike an unofficial accord
with a group called BRTD.
[Personal note: One of them turned out to be an old war buddy of mine from the 36th]
They appreciated our less direct approach to the problem, no doubt stemming from their history of smuggling, and it was agreed that we will provide reconnaissance while they in turn provide us with increased security.
[Personal note: I’m looking forward to seeing how this new partnership of ours pans out. The Fenrir project has suffered enough setbacks.]

Thirty first of July 2903 – The day has sadly come and so it is with sadness that I write the following statement.
It has been decided that Silver Wolf will be shut down with immediate effect. The affected staff will be relocated to other positions as a newly formed Hub within the UEE.
We simply cannot continue to operate with our current expenses, especially in regards to maintaining our ageing fleet.
If our new enterprise proves fruitful then we may yet be able to fund a new Silver Wolf.

Eleventh of september 2946 – Silver Wolf has finally been restored to fully operational status. We have a fully fitted fleet ready to explore the universe to seek knowledge and riches throughout along with a high tech top of the line main base within the center of the UEE where the nearly fully restored Fenrir lies ready for when Silver Wolf or BRTD should need her.


Our Board of Directors will unveil our official corporate statements soon. Please come back for updated information.



Yes, we are a harcore roleplay organization/community, but the below rules represent the foundation of order which has helped us last as long as we have. This is an 18+ Outfit – This is for both our AND your protection, as we cannot guarantee topics of discussion and general member communications will always be SFW.​


  • No piracy
  • Verbally abusing members or other players will not be tolerated.
  • If you are in-game, then you are required to be logged into our voice comms (Discord).
  • Leave the drama at the door. This includes many things, but our members come to play, not to argue (see below).

If you have a problem with another member, please approach a staff member on voice comms or message them privately on the forums. A quick message can often sort out the occasional issue members may have with each other, and can help resolve things smoothly. It is much preferred that you let someone know rather than suffering in silence as that often doesn’t help matters. Remember, the leadership are here to help.