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School of Idris Training / SIT

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We are the School of Helping Idris Teammates Succeed. We are a training acadamy for those who desire to man/crew an Idris. We strive to prevent you from being the one who doesn’t know what your doing when manning an Idris. To help prevent you from messing up.


I inherited an idris from my dead father, he died because one of his standard crew members was out on sick leave. The relpacement crew member didn’t know what he was doing and got the entire crew killed. This inspired me and my current life goal, which is to provide Idris captains alternatives to using unskilled crew.

Here at School of Idris Training(SIT), we will teach our students the skills needed to survive in the vast universe. Whether the skills needed relate to maintenance, shield management, targeting systems, turrets, piloting, C&C, Coms, Radar or any other position you can think of related crewing an Idris, we will teach it. While many of these skills will apply to other ships, this program is custom tailored to Idris crew specifically. Once a student graduates from SIT they will know the ins and outs of crewing an Idris ship.


Learn to Fly, that is our motto. We want to teach you not just to fly, but to survive. We want to supply Idris captains with the best and brightest students we can. We do this to prevent further un-necessary death because of ignorant crew. We will take our students (skill-less or those who just need to polish up their rough edges) and after some basic class time, put them in a crew position on an actual IDRIS and allow them to apply the skills they have learned in real-world scenarios.

Not only do we teach you how to crew positions, but we also maintain a list of graduates which we provide to Idris captains looking for skilled crew.


You need to promise to follow orders, a ship is only as good as their crew. You are here to learn, not to teach (unless you can backup your comments with valid reasons, we are not dictators here). Even an old dog can learn new tricks…

You need to be willing to work as a Team!

You can be pirates, but don’t be trying to pirate MY ship!

Weapons are not allowed on board training missions.

Training missions will not be flown in non-UEE territory.

All profits made during training missions are property of this School and can be allocated as the School deems fit.

Transcripts of enrollement can be provided by e-mail with proper notice.

Enrollment fees apply.

Enrolling does not mean you will pass the class (not everyone will graduate).

If you are ok with the above and want to learn how to crew an idris, apply within.