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Skeleton Krew / SKREW

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Welcome to the Skeleton Krew

We are not a organisation, we are family! The Skeleton Krew is a small group of passionate and loyal members who’s main priority is to have fun and make money in the Verse. We are a Krew or Squadron which is part of our mother organisation Galactic Logistics (GALLOG)


The Birth of the Skeleton Krew

In 2929 a child was born in the dilapidated habs of Grim Hex. His mother a fiercely independent woman and talented miner did the best she could to provide for her new hope. She named him Moz. Black haired with unusually red eyes , the kids around Grim Hex started calling him Mozsta instead of Moz and the name stuck.

Despite the tough surroundings Shahin taught her son the value of family, respect and the reality that at the end of the day credits talk. Learning how to pilot their one and only Prospector . Moz was like his mother, a natural talent at mining. He spent his early years in the prospector bringing home a meager income for him and his mother. Shahin became a respected community leader in Grim Hex. Even the most notorious elements at Hex quickly realized that killing each other off was not only reducing your market share, but also bad for the long term ability for the residence of Grim Hex to maintain their ‘freedom’ from heavy UEE regulation.

Shahin became the settler of disputes in Grim Hex. Not an easy task and certainly not risk free. Nonetheless the citizens of Hex respected her opinion and some elements even provided protection to her and her son. The years past and a precarious balance was maintained on the remote asteroid settlement that is until the UEE came.

Under a new policy and since the organisations on Grim Hex where having greater success in their piracy and rejection of UEE rule. The Government deployed more and more police to pursue and eliminate the pirates. The body count of the Grim Hexians mounted up. Some Grim residents could be bought out and assisted the UEE with kidnappings and poisoning of prominent leaders. The residents of Grim Hex rallied behind their she-lion. Leading an ambush operation Shahin and a small squad of Buccaneer’s managed to catch three UEE Valkyries. Vanquishing most of the soldiers on board they took a dozen hostages. The UEE was having none of it, with an army of willing snitches within Grim Hex dozens of people went missing overnight. Panic started to take hold it seemed the UEE could strike right in the heart of Grim and did not need to rely on its might in space. The residents of Grim Hex could not even mourn their dead as no one ever saw the kidnapped ever again…that is until…Shahin and a group of her most trusted friends and family ( her brother namely) drew up plans to hack the relevant comm array stations and find where the prisoners are kept or at least where their corpses are.

Shahin knew that they could not resist and she intended to negotiate some sort of peace but she wanted to do this last operation to send the message that the residents of Grim will not simply tolerate people being stolen from their beds and that ‘we can strike you too’. There was no strategic or tactical advantage at play this operation was purely psychological. Possibly to even provide some slight leverage in negotiation.
The operation was a stunning success, after the crew hacked the local Comm Arrays they detected chatter which revealed the location of the prisoners.To their horror some of them had been tortured to death. They were being kept in Levski. After disguising themselves as new miners applying for jobs at Levski they successfully infiltrated the UEE prison and not only freed the prisoners but managed to retrieve the corpses of the deceased Grim Hex residents. After a smooth escape Shahin and her crew had a triumphant return to Grim Hex, returning prisoners to their loved ones and the corpses back to families so they can mourn. Historically when people passed away on Grim they would simply burn the corpses. From this moment onward’s as a symbol of defiance and remembrance Shahin led a community of residents out to a nearby asteroid now called Dead Man’s Rock to bury the dead. The cemetery still exists today and people referred to Shahin and her merry men as the Skeleton Krew.

Only a few days later she was betrayed by another resident and gunned down outside her Hab. Wounded she fell to the ground while Moz and some medics rushed to her side. In her last wish she pleaded to her son to break the cycle.
‘ Son don’t fall for the illusion of freedom here’ she whispered to Moz. ‘For we are not free’
‘ And don’t fall for the illusion of freedom in the UEE’ she continues, laying on the ground meters away from the safety of her hab while medics frantically try to stabilize her.
‘ The only freedom son is wealth, wealth in the material world and wealth in your heart’
‘ Go create your own family of only the closest people you can trust, expand your mind beyond Grim Hex, learn how to create wealth not only for yourself but for others, and do it with dignity,….I love you son don’t cry.’ with those she passed away leaving a devastated Moz to face an uncertain future.

With his mothers prospector in hand he left Grim Hex a few days later. With some of his closest friends in tow. Determined to create not an organisation, but a family. A family small in numbers but talented across a wide array of skills to be able to adapt to any situation. A family he can depend on in times of need and one to share the glory with in times of plenty. He left Grim hex indeed in that small Prospector but not before he painted a Skull on its side, with the words Skeleton Krew.



The Skeleton Krew’s aim is to work together and maximise profits for all in the family, through Trading, Mining and Exploration.
Our policy is to keep on the right side of the law [for the most part] but are supportive of members who need to do the odd smuggling for the most part.

More a family than an Organisation , we are a flexible and adaptive syndicate with our finger on the pulse of the economy and mining trends in the verse.


  • The Krew shall maximise profits through legal mining and trading.
  • The Krew shall explore the furthest reaches of the Verse.
  • The Krew shall respect one another and focus on the journey not the destination.
  • The Krew will always assist a member in need of assistance.
    *The Krew is a affiliate of Gallactic Logistics.