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Skull Scrapers / SKULLSCRAP

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Through fear we will salvage our future!


As long as commercialized space travel has existed, so have the salvagers. Once a ragtag group of the nameless and unaffiliated, looking for the chance to make a living from the wars and misfortunes of others. Hiding in the shadow of a battle, only to scurry like mice when the dust settles, racing to the discarded skeletons of once great ships. Now a thriving and respected operation of the Stanton System. Teams of various organizations competing to clean up the galaxy.

However, being a part of a large salvage organization doesn’t mean there’s nothing to fear. We hear growing reports of pirates having their own salvage vessels, hunting out and destroying many respected salvaging groups. They seek to maintain dominance through force, and soon getting into the salvage industry was seen as desperate and risky.
Pirates with dirty ears hide in every tavern and spaceport in the verse looking and listening for any whisper of a crew heading out to an asteroid belt that they could ambush.

The survivors of these heinous pirate attacks, left with broken bones but not broken spirits, banded together. This is where our story begins, the birth of the Skull Scrapers. The Skull Scrapers are the salvagers who have tasted the blood of battle and refuse to let it happen again. Ace pilots and distinguished combat veterans join our cause, molding us into something new. A Militarized Salvaging force the likes of which you have never seen. With the goal of providing aid to fellow salvagers, using new formations and tactics, even the most experienced of pirate fleets will tremble in our wake.

Every member of the Skull Scrapers knows the importance of running a tight ship. We know our history, we know our past, any falter could bring us back to destruction. But through our assembled power and perseverance, any who might oppose us, our enemies, those who try to cause us and ours harm will grow to fear our name… if they live long enough to repeat it. The danger of pirates grows every day, but so do we.

We are outcasts, but we are the family we need. Through fear we will salvage the future!