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The Grinning Skulls / SKULLZ

  • Syndicate
  • Regular
  • Role play
  • Piracy
  • Smuggling

The Grinning Skulls are an obscure group of ragtag criminals that have banded together in order to pick the ripe fruits of opportunity.

SkullZ communication system.


The smugglers looked at each other as they crossed the threshold of the cosmic shadow. Roger was in trance by his HUD. The temperature readout was dropping faster than he had expected. Nobody travels this side of the moon especially on foot which is exactly why they were smuggling munitions to entrenched citizens on the other side of the darkness.

Information had leaked through the exchange that the planet’s governor and his cohorts were among the many hiding behind the walls. The colonists that were referred to in an emergency broadcast as ‘rebels’ had taken the space port’s defenses. The compound of the rich had their back to the dark side.

Apparently the governor had enacted several laws that saw a self contained colony on the brink take a turn for the worse. So now the colonists were more than revolting they were out for blood. Their contracts and their children’s futures were in jeopardy.

Morality was never Roger’s strong point. He was much better at cash without questions. He and Yen Hubei had landed his ship in the main space port with a manifest listing food and first aid supplies. From there it was a short ride to the edge of darkness.

Roger’s mind snapped back to the present. The suit’s energy was draining quickly trying to stay within the thermal threshold for survival. They weren’t expecting it to get this cold. The suits started to alarm audibly. The two quickened their pace. They bobbed serenely in the low gravity of the tiny moon. The light side was visible and getting closer.

Because of the lack of gravity they were able to carry enough munitions to arm the entire compound in consortium grade weaponry. That is, if they had the credits. If not then they would turn around and sell them to the rebels for half of the price. Roger grinned at the prospect of seeing a double chinned look of disgust as they slid their citizen card through the scanner to transfer the credits. They always did.


General membership have been observed working alone the majority of the time. Some members have managed to retain their citizenship with the UEE. Those members are rarely seen engaging in illegal activity and instead act as legitimate fronts, intel gatherers, and political ambassadors.


There is only one rule for members of The Grinning Skulls; Never betray your wingmen.