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The Skyglass Institute / SKYGLASS

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    Bounty Hunting

Defy Destiny

Welcome to the Skyglass Institute. We are the most effective Private Contract Agency within the Terra sector.

We are currently recruiting. If you are ready to go professional, join and become an Institute Operative today.


“When T.C.E.F. was formed, they were our first defense against foreign terrorist attacks. They won’t even tell us how many Terran lives they saved” – Senator Hannigan, Terra

The Founding of the Institute:

In 2775, during the fading years of the cold war with the Xi’An empire, Terra came under attack from more aggressive and effective sabotage attacks. Following the bombing of the Grand Sataball Stadium of Prime, the U.E.E. green-lit the formation of a experimental secret special task force based out of Terra. Taking on only the best pilots, agents, soldiers and hackers from other agencies and military companies within the U.E.E, Terra Counter-Espionage Force was formed on the belief that only the very best, together, could be the final definitive defend against foreign and local terrorist and agents from further damaging our colonies.
We succeeded in that task.

Following the end of the Xi’An Cold War, part of the peace negotiations was that the U.E.E. was to dissemble the force. However, we looked unto Terra, and we saw we had much more work left to do. Corporations had come to depend on us for effective contract completion, and we had many people whose jobs relied on the force.

So we declined the order. We went private, and reformed the Skyglass Institute.

The U.E.E. attempted to disband us. They saw us as capitalistic terrorists. Fortunately, as a private corporation we had legal protection. In addition, following the tragic accidental death of the Chief of Police and the Data Purge of the U.E.E’s Terra Mainframe, the U.E.E. eventually hired us to track down their attackers instead (we found evidence proving it to be one of our more greedy competitors). Now the government hires us for contacts, finding us more efficient than their own tax-paid employees.
Over the years we formed into the Institute we know today, your premier Special Operations, Espionage and Personal Elimination agency within the Terra sector.


— 2775 : Bioweapon attack in the Prime monorail system kills estimate 1500 civilians, 870 of them foreign pilots traveling from the hangers into Prime.
— 2776: Terrorist attack at the Crusader Industries factories in Quasi. 3000 workers dead, massive damage to the commercial transport market.
— 2777: Cyber attack of the Royal Bank of New Austin. $1.5 trillion credits deleted from the mainframe, 225 million of which is never recovered.
— 2778: A plasma-fusion bomb planted at the Grand Sataball Stadium of Prime detonates during the final minutes of the Sector Sataball Championship. Estimates reach 160,000 dead, 20,000 injured.
— 2778: In an emergency meeting, the U.E.E. forms the Terra Counter-Espionage Force, dedicated to counter terrorism and the prevention of foreign attacks and cyber infiltration.
— 2779: Bioweapon attack in Prime is stopped. Xi’An terrorist planned to unleash an experimental nanovirus that induced permanent coma into a densely populated mall. Xi’An Empire refutes any knowledge of the attack.
— 2779: Police Headquarters of New Austin saved from cyber attack of its core mainframe by TCEF intervention.
— 2779: Operation Solar-Flare. 17 human agents, high suspected of working for the Xi’An, are arrested in core positions of Prime’s government and military.
— 2780: Head of a terrorist cult attempting to create a rebellion against the U.E.E. is removed by the TCEF. Collateral damage is minimal.
— 2785: Major virus strike Xi’An world, sending many into a permanent coma. U.E.E. investigates TCEF, no substantial evidence found.
— 2789: Peace is brokered between humans and Xi’An by Terra senator Terrence Akari.
— 2790: The TCEF is dissolved. Every operative is transferred to the new Skyglass Institute.
— 2791: The Data Purge. U.E.E. mainframe in Prime is ravaged by a massive cyber attack. Most of it files on Prime organizations are lost.
— 2792: Skyglass is hired to gather footage of the Garron 2 massacre by activists. We deny any involvement in the SSN/CAtv Nightly News hack.
— 2800: Skyglass is one of the private cyber-security companies hired to create mainframe protection for the Ark.
— 2824: After many years of prosperity, Skyglass is now Terra’s top used Private Intelligence Agency.
— 2837: The stock market crash. Trillions of credits lost. Many major defense companies collapse. SGI recovers.
— 2852: Skyglass prevents a major Vanduul raid on Terra by redirecting them to pirate planet.
— 2875: Skyglass, regardless of false accusations of corporate corruption, has become the Terra’s sector go-to organization for espionage.
— 2913: A rash of assassinations take out high ranking members of major corporations in Terra. Many are revealed to have illegal business practices or private operations, such as human smuggling or pirate cooperation.
— 2922: Skyglass announces its nano-tech science division, which begins developing the tactical camouflage cloak and stealth armour for its ships.
— 2935: Skyglass begins its experimental research into cyborg development, A.I. creation and brain augmentation to create the ultimate mainframe defense. Rumors are that they are also experimenting on psionic agents for espionage contracts.
— 2950: Today


“Skyglass? They’re just a fairytale Podrick, a story Corporate tells me to scare me off ambitious, ah … side projects. Now bring me my wine.” – Last words of Alex Truso, Former Head of Covalex’s Human Resources.

Our Motto:

Virtus, veritas, iustitia

Our Mission:

Fun through deception, intrigue, sabotage, assassinations, bounty-hunts, special operations, influence and contracts.

The Creed:

From Strength, the Power to enforce
From Knowledge, the Wisdom to choose
From Skill, the Ability to apply

From all three, the Institute is forged.
Together, we shall be defy Destiny

Our Divisions:

Being a Skyglass operative means doing exactly what you want do to. We have three divisions:

  • The Sword, our military and special operations division.
  • The Scroll, our tactical and private espionage division.
  • The Scales, our bounty-hunting and personnel elimination division.

What being an operative of the S.G.I. means:

  • Contracts. Once the game starts, we plan to be an efficient corporation. Which means we will be taking in contracts and passing them onto our division operatives. You might even consider us as your RPG billboard, although we plan to be much more then that.
  • Comrades. Being a part of SGI means not being alone. With us you will have allies within your division and within the whole institute itself to make your own future. Work with other operatives and form an unstoppable team.
  • Respect. Smart companies don’t trust individuals who go up to them and offer unchecked information or work. And you shouldn’t trust them to pay out an individual that has done an honest job. By standing together, we can gain respect as a reliable source and ensure they don’t rip you off for a contract well done. Be respected as an operative, from within the institute and without.
  • Impact. Individually, you might survive, might persist a little longer. Together, as one, we can change this universe into a better place, a better future. Wars will begin and end on your actions. Companies rising and falling by our words. If you want to make a change, make a difference, matter in this large universe, we will stand with you.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for keen individuals who are motivated, skilled and ready to learn. Players who want to stand for more then just credits and who are willing to put the effort in to make it so. Pilots who can respect each other and the institute in the pursuit of a greater future. Anyone who is ready to make a name for themselves in a very large universe.
We are also looking for small organizations who want to operate alongside other similar organizations. Got a 20 man active organization of bounty-hunters? Join us and we will help you achieve your dreams.

We are also looking for pilots from other ORGs who wish to join our public RSI forum so as to establish job and contract communication with our Institute. We welcome you to join our ranks as Contractors and we look forward to working with you.

Also, for those pilots or ORGs who wish to remain separate but still want the profit and influence that comes with being part of the SGI fleets, we welcome you to apply as an Ally.


The S.G.I. charter has a very clear code of conduct for all of its Operatives:

  • Each operative must complete contracts they take on. No operative will be forced to undertake a contract or mission they don’t want to, but the completion of a contract taken is their responsibility.
  • Each operative must give 100% to their mission. We understand that no plan is perfect and flaw-proof and we do accept failure. But we don’t accept operatives who fail out of lack of effort.
  • Each contract given to each operative must not be disclosed to any unauthorized personal. To keep the institute integrity intact and our information and contracts valid and worth something, we can’t keep operatives who are prepared to leak our work.
  • Operatives must not kill, steal or in anyway harm follow operatives. What hurts the institute hurts yourself.
  • Operatives must keep their affiliation visibility with us* hidden or redacted*. No exceptions.
  • No sexism, racism, noob-bashing or discrimination.
  • The institute must be protected. Your personal glory or wealth does not come before it.

Normally I would talk about how members must represent themselves with icons, signatures and avatars. However, considering that we are a discrete corporation, this is not recommended save for those who wish to be the face of the institute.

The following rules apply for Contractors (those who provide contracts or jobs for our Institute) and for our allies (those who work along side our fleets and Operatives):

  • Members must not kill, steal or in anyway harm follow members.
  • Members must keep their affiliation visibility with us* hidden or redacted*. This is to keep our goal of discretion secure.
  • No sexism, racism, noob-bashing or discrimination of any kind.
  • Do not harm the Institute, unless premeditated for a beneficial purpose. Members who harm our Operatives will be let go. We will not involve ourselves in any conflicts between Allies or Contractors, however.