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Astro Korps / SMACK

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Welcome to the Multiverse Astro Corp. / Korps of We are a casual group hailing from the forum.

How many starships does it take to solve a problem?

(“One At Sufficient Velocity”)


In The Beginning

In December 2943 (on the UEE Calendar) – through the whims of a Random Omnipotent Being, a Bored Random Omnipotent Being, and a Crossover Obsessed Random Omnipotent Being – dozens of members of were plucked from their normal gaming lives and hurled into the universe of Star Citizen.

Their mission: to build an organization for all Spacebattlers (and their faithful allies) that will go forth and write its name in the stars of the ‘verse. To use bigatons, moar dakka, and of course sufficient velocity. To get the Warsie to fly escort for the Trekkie, the Freespacer and Whovian to win without Deus Ex Machina, the B5 and BSG fans dancing across the stars with vectored thrust, and the 40Ker not to dismember the Anime otaku. And all under the benevolent leadership of the Culturniks – or possibly just the Communists.

This is their story.


Our Founding Mission
(a home for all SB)

The mission of the Multiverse Astro Corp. / Corps of – the Astro Korps or “SMACK” for short – is to provide an umbrella organization for all interested Space Battlers within which they can enjoy all game content; from organized PvP to loose PvE, from smuggling to legitimate cargo hauling, and from dogfights to boarding actions. Ultimately the Korps is a mutual assistance and defense pact, where members will work together to protect and enrich each other it the wide open ‘verse of Star Citizen.

Korps Organization
(see all our cool badges!)

The Astro Korps is a casual outfit, and the organization is designed to allow us to best enjoy playing the game of Star Citizen. Roles and ranks are based on those willing and suited to do various required jobs. The Korps aims for a fundamentally meritocratic approach, with regular rotations through key positions based on interest, player abilities, and available time.

Within the Korps there are three main sub-divisions. Play style is (obviously) not restricted by division, sub-division or squadron. These groups exist as a way for players to self identify their preferred gameplay style, or to have tight knit groups of friends officially recognized, and also get a cool badge to show for it. You will not be forced to only play a certain way simply because of the cool badge you’re sporting.

  • Star Division: An organized PvP oriented division, with the mission to defend the rest of SMACK from other large groups of players beyond the capability of small groups of players to handle, particularly during missions into low security space. Due to the requirements of organized PvP, Star Division will have a more established structure than the rest of SMACK.
  • Q Division: An individual PvP and PvE oriented division, with the mission to provide an inclusive home for those who want to experience the universe as they choose, while hanging out with a large group of friends. Q Division will have minimal organization, to support a more free wheeling play style.
  • Desant Division: An First Person Shooter combat based division, Desantniki will specialize in planetary raids, station combat, and boarding actions. Named after the Russian tankodesantniki, Desant Division is also envisaged as a place for people who prefer to be ship crew as opposed to flying and maintaining their own ship.
  • Sub Divisions: Sub Divisions describe more specific roles within the larger Divisions, such as the Pathfinder Force, for those with fast ships who always want to be the first to poke their noses into trouble, or Logistics Branch who just want to fly big ships with lots of cargo space, or The Line for those who want to fly with the capital ships and engage in fleet battles. Sub Divisions can cross multiple larger Divisions, so a group players from Star Division, Q Division and Desant could all additionally identify as Pathfinders if they all prefer that play style. Sub Divisions are largely fluff, and exist mainly so we can have more cool badges!
  • Squadrons: Within and across divisions players will form groups who regularly play together. These are Squadrons, and will be the day to day play groups of SMACK. These squadrons can run things as the members like internally, while remaining under the overall Korps umbrella. Once a squadron is formed and recognized, they can commission a special badge for themselves from Marketing.

It’s important to note that the Korps structure assumes that on release of the finished game many more SBers will give Star Citizen a try, and when they do SMACK will be here waiting to give them a home.

Our Ultimate Goal
(have fun, kick ass)

Our ultimate goal is to enjoy the entire Star Citizen ‘verse without fear of traveling to any corner of the galaxy, and with the knowledge that if we’re in trouble we have dozens (perhaps hundreds, some day) of fellow SBers who can be relied upon to help us out. And then, as we achieve that, we can also write our names into the history of what could well be the most awesome game of the decade.


Our Board of Directors will unveil our official corporate statements soon. Please come back for updated information.