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The Small Org / SMALLORG

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This is an org for the solo players. The independent types. The people who don’t like crowds. But sometimes you need help. Some tasks can’t be done alone. Sometimes you need back up. SMALL ORG is there when you need help. Members help other members, then go their own way.


Small Org was conceived as a org for solo members of the verse. The idea for Small Org was finalized during the Luminalia festival of 2951 and was incorporated in February of 2952.


Small Org is designed as a way for solo players to have a reliable way to call for assistance. Some jobs can’t be done alone. Some jobs require a ship you may not own. Sometimes you need a little UEC to get out of a rut. Sometimes you get lost in a cave. Other times their is a pirate blocking your shipping lane or favorite mining location. Sometimes you just need someone to man the turrets.

Small Org is there so that you can find reliable help. That is the Charter, plain and simply, help others, especially members of Small Org.


1). Keep this simple. We are open to all roles in the verse.

2). Help other members, do not harm other members. Examples: If you are a pirate and a member of Small Org and interdict a member of Small Org you are to let the member go (find other prey). Small Org members that are bounty hunters will not execute warrants for members of Small Org (find other bounties). If a member runs out of fuel other members are to help them. If a member is lost in a cave, members are to go rescue them.

3). Violations of rule 2 will result in ejection from the org. Members that are ejected are to be denied assistance from current members. Current members will not be penalized for assisting ejected members though. The first premise of the org is to render aid. Ejection from the org and denied assistance are considered punishment for harming other members.

4). This org is for predominately citizens that are flying solo. Org members who find themselves forming orgs with other members are permitted to stay. If you are a member of a large org, but find yourself flying solo more often than not and your large org doesn’t provide help when needed; well, Small Org might be the place for you.