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Welcome to the SMBorg (appropriate name pending)

SMBorg is a place where those looking for someone to to play SC with, can do so. Think of it as a lonely hearts ;) so when you want to venture into the black you are not alone. Need a pilot? security? resuce? no problem

see you in the verse!


Established back in 2942 during the Vanduul crisis, the importance of having someone ‘watch your back’ was greater than ever.

SMBorg was created as a place where anyone could find a crew member, be it a skilled pilot, a an engineer or even just an extra pair of hands should the situation need it. SMBorg will be split into divisions for all areas of the games focus so if you are in need of someone specific, post a job in the jobs boards and await a reply.

If you are embarking on a voyage to locate and plot new jump points or even just a simple cargo run and need crew to assist. We are here for you.

(as a content creator I intend to make many videos and streams, playing the game and testing mechanics and I will need friends to assist in this. I may require x amount of people to test a new system or jsut crew to help me record a particular mission. having an org of people I know and trust is important so this is one of the primary reasons to the SMBorg. Outside of that, its a cool place for myself and everyone to find people to play with)


Page Under Construction. Please check back soon!


Page Under Construction. Please check back soon!