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Smiling Dog Crew (SDC) is a loose consortium of emergent content creation professionals. Our
specialists in the field pride ourselves on an agile service response model capable of delivering Straight-thru-the-cockpit solutions.


SDC was born out of the necessity to satisfy the needs of both content consumers and our partners. In late 2015, the supply of carebears was at an all time high, resulting in an over-delivery of casual flying and oversupplied conditions of citizens-not-exploding. In order to meet this market decoupling head-on, SDC was formed with an initial equity investment from Elite’s SDC Partnership for the Future of Harvesting Crybaby Tears Fund, and immediately began deploying capital and mobilizing personnel for the purpose of providing personalized (PPP) solutions for every citizen, with an eye towards maximizing investor value through our own proprietary metric of Smiles Per Gallon (SPG).

Field ops began in 2016 when The Smiling Dog Crew LLC was officially established and registered in order to generate stakeholder enthusiasm and synergistic capital growth. Since then, our organization has far exceeded deliverable expectations, all while maintaining a starman-owned, flat hierarchical organizational structure that has truly unleashed grass roots driven growth—these factors ensure the speedy and efficient delivery of quality content for both our members and our clients.


SDC’s primary directive is to maintain high levels of Smiles Per Gallon (SPG). SPG is a proprietary analytic developed by our incredible Starman Resources team—months of intensive research have yielded that SPG can be effectively maximized through the generation of maximum ganks and salt production.

Moving forward, SDC will proactively leverage enterprise level solutions on a macro scale while simultaneously increasing our brand recognition and spinning up even more client outreach initiatives in order to generate client specific emergent content and maximum SPGs. Informed with the latest data via our social media research, we hope to further increase both our internal smile metrics and starman satisfaction rates.



  1. Maximize SPG.
  2. Mine Salt.
  3. Fly as hardcore as possible, as much as possible.