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Roberts Space Industries ®

Boomslang Industrial Resource Co. / SNAKE

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Welcome to BIRCO. Please feel free to join us or come chat on the DISCORD

We are a small group of committed fans looking to make an org of 100+ fun people to play alongside.

Large fleet for mining, salvage, transport, protection & outpost construction.


The company

We are a cutting-edge heavy industry and frontier construction company with a network of trading outposts and a track record of taking on projects in the most challenging environments. Our specialist teams have experience of complex operations and are trained and equipped for robust military defense so we have the capability to gather, build and repair whatever is required, wherever we are needed.

BIRCO is a contraction of the original company name – Boomslang Industrial Resource Co. Like our namesake, the Boomslang or venomous tree snake, we are industrious and independent by nature, peaceful and cooperative when left to prosper but capable of biting even the largest opponent if threatened.

What we do

We aim for a full range of industrial capability and supporting services which will encompass most roles in Star Citizen. That said, there is plenty of time to work it all out before the game goes live so we are open to influence from all our members as game mechanics become clearer. Do you want to survey for land or head up a new division for support services like repair, refuel, medical or scientific research? If you have a good idea and could use Org support, let us know.


Who are we?

Predominantly European and North American currently, but looking to attract members from all timezones. We would rather be a small to medium-sized org of people who really enjoy playing together than a huge unwieldy beast so we aim to keep expanding but not at the expense of amusement.

We’ve all flipped a Cat full of drugs upsidedown on the pad in front of Levski security, right? We understand that mistakes happen and it’s important to laugh, learn and move on in the spirit of fostering an atmosphere of experimentation and fun.

Star Citizen is for fun at the end of the day. We love the project and are dedicated to it but real life comes first. We are an 18-plus org that wants to strike a balance between achievement and entertainment. We hope to develop a purpose and a plan, to improve our skills and become closer comrades with our org brothers and sisters through shared enterprise but without taking anything too seriously.

Our principles are to fairly divide resources and offer a helping hand to those who need it in the Org. Our main goals will be to get better at combined Org operations and to acquire land to mine and to build strategic Org facilities on. The Org will expand and diversify its fleet according to what our members want.


Conduct guidelines

As a reputable company with upcoming UEE contracts, members are encouraged to be law-abiding and trustworthy to uphold the company’s good name.

We hope it goes without saying that we don’t tolerate racism, sexism or discrimination of any kind within our org or any of our communication channels, so please, just don’t.

We hope to avoid enforcing rules but we uphold the principle of general respect for others outside of roleplay. We encourage members not to be overly sensitive but also not to be mean to anyone unless they find it funny too.