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Roberts Space Industries


  • Club
  • Casual
  • Role play
  • Exclusive
  • Social
  • Transport

S.N.O.B.S. (Spacecraft Not Owned By Scum) are renown for “Living the Luxurious Life” and our reputation, wealth and influence extend from Centauri to Horus. If you have the makings of the aloof and affluent you may be a candidate for our organization.

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Since the dawn of man (and woman) “snobbery” has been a part of human nature. Those who hold themselves in high regard have over the centuries used their influence, resources and superior places in life to dictate and direct politics, culture and society. Even now in the 30th century a select (and chosen by fate) few stand separate and apart from those who are “common” and illuminate the universe by their presence wherever they go in the galaxy. Our club is an au courant haven of wealth, culture and creativity, luring members with connections throughout the galaxy, accustomed to pampering amenities, and, above all, utter exclusivity.

We have a wide variety of interests:
- Champagne and Caviar
- Interstellar Travel
- Hob-Nobbing
- Exotic Acquisitions (not trade)
- Fine attire
- Fine dining
- Fine music
- Fine… (well, you know)

We have no interest in
- Cargo
- Exploration
- Mining
- Piracy
- Salvage
- Science
- Smuggling
- Transport
- Trade

(Anything that may be classified as “work”)


Our club was created as a sanctuary for the well read and well to do spacefarer. Our motto “The finest for the Finest” is reflected primarily through the spacecraft we own and the lifestyle we lead. Our goal is to find a permanent dwelling in the galaxy where we may live free from the “common” people and live our luxurious “champagne and diamond” lifestyle free from scoundrels, scum and villainy.

“The true snob never rests; there is always a higher goal to attain, and there are, by the same token, always more and more people to look down upon.” – Russell Lynes 20th Century, Earth, Sol


1. Applicant must have attained High Admiral status
2. The Jacopo Top Hat & Monocle are required attire at all formal organization meetings and social gatherings.
3. Radegast Whiskey 2947 Homeward Limited-Edition is our signature beverage
4. Ship Shape – Members must own – A Origin 600i or 890 Jump and – Two (2) luxury spacecraft (i.e. 85X, 100i, 300i. 600i, 890 Jump).
5. All conversations should include phrases such as “I say”, “Simply fabulous”, “Smashing”, “Ripping”, etc…”.
6. No SCOUNDRELS or SCUM allowed!

1. Luxury supersedes function.
2. When it comes to luxury there is no such thing as a “waste of space”.
3. “Attire Others Admire” (AOA) – from head to toe S.N.O.B.S. reflect style and coordination wherever they travel.
4. Money can’t buy you class
5. The Origin 890 Jump is the ULTIMATE expression of the luxurious life!