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At “The Firm”, making MONEY is our busine$$!

We are actively recuriting for 3.0!

Looking for community?
After signing up on RSI, follow the Discord llink below to drop a line and fast track your application!
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We love Money. I can’t believe you like Money too. We should hang out

Here at THE FIRM we just can not get enough of making Money.  It doesn’t matter how much, how or where we get the Money, we just always want more of it.

Exploring, Trade, Mining or Science? We cater for all forms of Money making ventures! if you make Money we make Money, and as I am sure you now understand making Money makes THE FIRM very happy!

Oh no, but once you start to accumulate more Money, well suddenly everyone wants to take your $hit!?. Well here at THE FIRM, we’ve got you covered with our own private military. Now no more worrying, you can relax and make Money while we protect your $hit.  

Everyone undergoes training so all members know how to follow our Leadership and show teamwork, now isn’t that The $hit!

No matter your play style, If you love Money then there is a HOME for you in THE FIRM.

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Our Business



We are in the process of a complete Star Citizen overhaul