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History is written by the victor.

SOCA is an Oceanic gaming community focused on using military derived strategy and structure.

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Established as an ArmA II community towards the end of 2011, SOCA was founded on the ideals of initiative, teamwork and camaraderie. Our values have not changed since that day. Every member has something to contribute. SOCA was formed by both current and previous members of the Australian Defence Force, whose experiences in military strategy and tactics give us the advantage in the games we play.

Since then, SOCA has created two focused divisions for ArmA II/III and Planetside 2. These games reflect SOCA’s military style of play.

Alpha Company / ArmA

Our ArmA III division is an evolution of the core group of players who formed SOCA playing ArmA II. During the ArmA II days, SOCA participated in many peacekeeping, military offensive and other strategic missions. With the release of the newest entry in the franchise, Alpha Company is now fully dedicated to be active in the ArmA III community.

Bravo Company / Planetside 2

Present in the game since closed beta, albeit under a different name. SOCA fought for TR (Terran Republic) fervently. Bravo Company, the division of SOCA dedicated to Planetside 2 saw much success since the launch of the game, by using ferociousness and aggressive military tactics. To this day, Bravo Company remains the most active and numerous arm of SOCA, attracting some of the best players in the Planetside 2 community. Many of their ranks await eagerly the chance to test their skills in Star Citizen.


Star Citizen Goals

* Establish a versatile Organisation that gains the respect and recognition of the community.
* Promote our ideals of teamwork, mateship and structure.
* Prove our great coordination and teamwork across our fleet.
* Build our merchant corps into a financial juggernaut.

Diplomacy Aims

* Create an network of business contacts with like minded Organisations.
* Showcase our skills and dedication to new clients.
* Build a solid community that attracts Organisations for mutual gains.

Membership Aims

* Develop skills to compete with other Organisations for the top spot in space.
* Enable our members to work together like a well oiled machine.
* Create a large, self sufficient fleet that is capable in all areas.



SOCA works as a well oiled machine, every person has their job and we all work for the same goal. We require communication using our military based ranking system to allow our members to conduct their roles efficiently. Training together lets us build up a level of camaraderie between our teams, this ensures that we all have trust each other.


SOCA’s officers are veteran gamers and skilled leaders, they have been recognised by the community as the best we have. They can only do their job when they have the respect and dedication of those they command. Every member is expected to exhibit a level of discipline when in SOCA, and follow the orders they are issued to the letter.

Personal Growth

By putting in hard work to make improvements on an individual level and attending the events and the training the SOCA hosts regularly, each member can make changes and grow in skill alongside their team mates. To do so requires the dedication and drive to try new things while making improvements to skills we already possess.