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If you love MONEY, then there’s a HOME for you in

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We love Money. I can’t believe you like Money too. We should hang out. . .

Note: The Firm is primarily an Australian/Oceania based organisation.

Here at THE FIRM we just can’t get enough of making Money.  It doesn’t seem to matter how, how much or where we get the Money, we just always want more of it.

Exploring, Trade, Mining or Science? We cater for all forms of Money making ventures! if you make Money we make Money, and as I am sure you now understand making Money makes THE FIRM very firm happy!

Oh no, but once you start to accumulate more Money, well suddenly everyone wants to take your $hit!?. Well here at THE FIRM, we’ve got you covered with our own private military. Now there’s no more worrying, you can relax and make Money while we protect your $hit.  

No matter your play style, If you love Money then there’s always a Home for you in THE FIRM!

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In THE FIRM you will be empowered to pursue your own financial endeavours with no need to worry about space punks stealing your $hit. THE FIRM are a conglomerate of diverse profitable industries who by seeking independence from the UEE have founded their own private navy for the protection and vengeful reacquisition of $hit. In the case that your space money venture isn’t turning a profit, you’re encouraged to enlist in THE FIRM NAVY, or seek employment in one of THE FIRM’s many profitable unlike yours business operations.

Core Policies:

- Support your $hit acquisition.1
- Protect your $hitty accumulation.1
- Administrate the reacquisition of your lost $hit.2
- Frequent opportunity for space punk extermination.3
- Maintain profitability of combined industrial and naval operations.

1. Access to benefits require contributions to THE FIRM.
2. Reacquired $hit may contain contents of your enemies, including but not limited to a matching pair of kidneys.
3. Some assassinations require space punks to be MURDERED in their sleep. PTSD is standard issue in THE FIRM MARINES.


Psst . . .

In THE FIRM there’s only a simple theme, which you would do well to understand quickly. THE FIRM loves money, it’s not a love shared for a flower, a pet or even your spouse. It’s a vicious thirst for the acquisition of wealth, and if something were to hinder, delay or (god forbid) even halt the cash flow… the consequences dealt upon the culprits will be timely, severe and totally lucrative.

THE FIRM counts cash, not bodies.