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SOE Squadron / SOE

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SOE | Squadron – Kicking ass online and in real life since 2005

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SOE Fleet

Imprimo Exulto, mother fucker and keep on reaching for that rainbow


SOE Squadron and SOE Squad are divisions of the Special Operations Executive who are a British based organisation that was officially formed on the 12th February 2005.


We aim to have witty banter in English on voice comms which is a must. Be prepared to have fun and help your mates even if they do silly stuff in the verse.

ARGO Where you go.


Code of conduct for all ranks is as follows:

  1. All members must have a Microphone.
  2. All members should be over 18 years old.
  3. All members should not be wee pricks, bawbags, bell ends etc.
  4. All members should try and have fun at all times.
  5. All members should be expected to have the piss taken out of them by fellow Org mates and do the same back.
  6. All members must fight with honour and integrity
  7. Snowflakes need not apply.

Those that do not uphold the Code of Conduct will have disciplinary action taken against them.