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Sol Armada / SOLARMADA

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Welcome to The Sol Armada Organization. Please take a look around, and if you would like to know more, join our discord server to find out what we have to offer.


The Sol Armada Organization was originally founded under the name “Grendizer”, by a tyrannical dictator who used the guise of a popular cartoon to illegally and unethically recruit masses of people, with the goal of building a military fleet to be used for personal gain. Recognizing the increasing levels of distrust between the members and the founder, three resourceful companions plotted to overthrow the tyrant, and in 2015, Grendizer was successfully refounded as the Sol Armada Organization with a clear message that leadership accountability and modern western values were important in building trusting relationships that would allow our community to grow, profit, and above all, have fun.


It is the basis upon which Sol Armada was reborn, that we operate under a morally and ethically straight system of beliefs. Our goal then, is to persevere to the fullest extent allowed by Law, in a manner that demands the confidence and respect of our Enemies and Allies alike. Prudence dictates that our actions positively affect the natural world and all living things. Isaac Newton suggested that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. We hold this to be true in all scopes of meaning, and not just the physical. Human nature, however positively intended, does not always benefit the whole. Our duty then as members of the human race, is to police our own actions and beliefs to ensure this effect on others remains true to our intentions. Our Manifesto then is such. Do good unto others, with no expectation of return or reward. True success is only so, if that success is repaid to humanity without recourse, and the cost of success is a positive force on those with whom we share our Universe.

Director, Corporate Division


Who We Are

Sol Armada is primarily a Trade and Security Organization. We are a multilateral cooperative body that intends to run as a robust, economically self-sufficient organization within Star Citizen. Outside of our Star Citizen detail, we are a global, welcoming gaming community that hosts events in online games such as Grand Theft Auto V, Planetside 2, Overwatch, Space Engineers, Minecraft, and more. We want our members to feel included and valued, and we understand that real life always comes first.

What We Stand For

  • Having fun!
  • Fair play
  • Inclusion
  • Supporting each other and our allies in Star Citizen
  • Social equality for players from all locations and walks of life
  • Equal and fair opportunity for advancement
  • Justice – Honor and reward for the honorable, no mercy for those who enjoy ruining others’ fun

What Being a Member Means

As a member of The Sol Armada Organization, you’re not an employee of some massive commercial space conglomerate. You are part of a family and a living, breathing entity. Sometimes we forget that while interacting with each other, that we’re real people on the other side of those computer screens. We’re all under the same roof (not umbrella), and as a family members, we are there for eachother insofar as the game and our personal ability allows.