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(SOL) Navy had it’s official beginnings in the game, Jumpgate (circa 2001) where Pyldrvr and VALEN formed a partnership and built a crew of Solrain pilots. Their mission was to enforce and promote the rules and laws of the Solrain Empire and to protect her citizens and encourage their ultimate goal of gaining wealth and dominating the universe through financial and military power. Through military-style force and unyielding domination of the Solrain sectors and beyond, (SOL) Navy was hot on the scene in the Jumpgate universe.

There the core of the clan was formed, and through a multitide of other titles such as MoH, WWIIO, and Planetside its roster of die-hards and lunatics has grown, gleaning new loyalists from around the globe with one goal in mind…

Greed and Glory for our empire and our clan!


(SOL) Navy strives to help its’ citizens thrive and protects their freedoms to freely earn Credits and spend them in peace and prosperity. (SOL) Navy achieves these goals through military might as well as political and economical solutions. (SOL) Navy extends it’s military, financial and political power in an effort to maintain prosperity through an active campaign of Greed and Glory!


(SOL) Navy will not stand for any foreign interference with the prosperity of its’ people. (SN) members are expected to uphold a high standard of honor, duty and actively work towards the enrichment of its’ people through wealth building and free commerce throughout their active systems. By offering high quality escort services, brokering and freelance/mercenary opportunities, (SOL) Navy hopes to achieve a high level of monetary status as well as acquire a strong reach and influence into the political sector to further protect free-trade for its’ people.