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Sol Ex / SOLX

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Home of Sol Ex

A multi-gaming community of competitive FPS players.
From Planetside 2 to Star Citizen, we strive for excellence among the stars.

Main Website:
Teamspeak 3 Server:



Formed on the 10th of January 2014, Sol Ex’s “Of the Sun”, mission was to serve as one the premier infantry outfits in Planetside 2 on the NA Connery server. Emphasizing a skilled, professional, and fun outfit, we have risen to become a deadly and highly-effective force. We have participated in nearly every competitive event for Connery, providing a strong anchor of infantry forces for our team.

Since then, we have branched out into a multi-gaming community, but still hold true to our roots of strong camaraderie, excellent individual skill, good teamwork, and a never-ending striving for excellence. As SOLx moves towards its next destination among the stars, we continue to bring these values with us.



For Planetside, SOLx mains TR on the Connery server. We still occasionally run Friday night ops, but we have mostly branched out into other games, including Rainbow Six Siege, PUBG, Overwatch, and a few Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. If you are interested in getting to know us, join our Teamspeak at Poke an officer for perms.


Star Citizen

The game is far from released; therefore CIG is still developing many core game mechanics. We have a lot of interest in this game; however, most of us are waiting until the game is further developed before investing significant time into it. As a community of competitive FPS players, we plan to focus primarily on security, with a secondary goal of exploration for fun. Obviously, members are free to pursue other careers, and we will require a dedicated logistics and support wing. But the core of our organization will be focused on a formidable company of highly-trained marines and pilots. Community comes first, then excellence in gameplay, and finally derping around together for fun.


Praise the Sun!



Formed on the 10th of January in 2014, Sol Ex’s (Of the Sun) original mission was to serve as a competitive, mature, and fun outfit in Planetside 2. We have since expanded into a multigaming community, but still hold to our founding values. Game-play will be focused on tight tactical team play, using superior tactics rather than population, to have maximum effect on the battlefield. SOLx is made up of outstanding individuals who have excellent leadership skills, integrity of character, gaming acumen, and willingness to follow orders. We will be performing operations consisting of one to twelve man teams, up to, but not limited to, 48 plus member combat operations. We will do our utmost to promote and maintain player quality and in-game skills, emphasizing performance, statistical weight, dynamic leadership, and innovation. We will maintain a fair, unbiased, and diverse top tier of leadership, drawn from the most dedicated members, each in charge of their own department. Our leadership will strive to maintain competitive edges, and provide the training, personal time, schedules, and positive attitudes to pursue these goals for both ‘casual’ and ‘hardcore’ players, keeping in mind we all have real lives to attend to.

“The superior man is modest in his speech, but excels in his actions. ” – Confucious
“Speak softly but carry a big stick.” – Theodore Roosevelt

• Membership is an ‘Honor’ and leadership is a ‘Responsibility.’
• General understanding that we are all small pieces of something bigger.
• Lead from the front and lead by example. Leaders and officers are the first to try everything, as well as leading by example. As such we all go to ‘basic’ training, then it trickles down.

Sol Ex’s Pursuit of Competitive Play:
Sol Ex is always in pursuit of excellence. Our members strive to compete at the highest level both individually and as a team. Practice makes perfect and must be undertaken on a solo level of play as well; do not depend on others for your success as an individual.

The purpose of Basic Training is to give us groundwork for SOLx’s tactical teamwork and communication. Depending on the game, Basic will likely include shooting, moving, role/class, coms brief, and gear check courses. It will be under the assumption that people already know how to play.

We will NOT use training as a form of hazing or a show of power. We WILL use it as tool to disseminate skills and knowledge that is expected of a Sol Ex Member in gameplay.



In the rare case a major vote is required, current Leaders get a full vote point, Grandfather Officers (retired leaders) equal ⅔ vote, and normal Officers get ⅓ of a point. Additionally, three Member votes equal one Officer vote. Trial Members do not vote. Only after both sides make their case will the votes be cast.

- Any ‘trial member’ who is inactive for more than one month will be purged from the outfit.
- After three months of inactivity, Members may be removed from in-game rosters. This simply keeps our rosters clean and does not ban you from the outfit. If at any point in the future you become active again, you will be welcomed back with open arms.
- Community members and website accounts may be purged after one year of inactivity.

Leaders and high-ranking members reserve the right to deputize trusted individuals in a case of their absence. Leaders reserve the right to step down from their respective position after notifying other leaders, and to make their recommendation of a replacement. Leaders are not allowed to promote or demote anyone from or to “Leader” rank without expressed permission of all 4 management heads. In the case of a leader’s prolonged absence they forfeit the protection of this after three consecutive months of inactivity, and are subject to replacement. Leaders are responsible for maintaining their leadership roles and duties, as such they need to ‘deputize’ someone when on a leave of absence longer than two weeks (but can deputize anyone from the officer pool) if they do not, after two consecutive weeks of absence without communication, their actions can be construed as a dereliction of duty, opening the possibility of having their responsibilities absorbed by other leaders, or having their duties tasked out to someone other than their personal choice. In the event of replacement because of absence, vote, abuse, or resignation, (a) new department head(s) will be chosen with these things in mind, but not limited or restricted to; ability, dedication, time in service, loyalty, and qualifications.

Acceptance to SOLx will be based on the following “Rule of Three:”
- Vouching from another SOLx member
- Positive acceptance in our community
- Passing competitive screening process, dependent on main game

“Official Uniform” for Planetside 2
-‘Grey Scale’ (or Black) camo, with ‘SOL’ patch



Current Outfit Leaders

– Renuse
– ChristSaves (Rhokir)
– Agrue
– Bambi



Trial Member:
- Provisional membership pending acceptance in community
- Access to Teamspeak and playing with community

- Has read Charter.
- Positive acceptance in community
- Has completed Basic Training (dependent on game) or has demonstrated a proficient level of play
- Registered on website, access to Discord
- Optional: May purchase and display outfit uniform in game(s).

- Has read Charter. Aware of its values and outfit procedures.
- Outstanding leadership and individual performance.
- Available for leadership meetings, outside contact maintained with outfit.
- Very active, desire to influence the direction of the outfit, well-respected pillar of the community.
- Retired outfit leaders retain the grandfather position of officer and their vote counts for 2/3 the vote of a leader rather than the normal officer’s one third.

- Has read Charter. Intimately aware of its values and outfit procedures.
- Outstanding leadership and individual performance.
- Available for leadership meetings, and outside contact maintained with outfit.
- Actively influencing the direction of the outfit, creating events and organizing people to play games together.
- Diligently attends to administrative tasks, including recruitment, networking, and outfit branding.

“C+ Member” (Game specific Competitive Team access)
- Passed competitive standards
- Completion of Basic Training (Game dependant)
- Regularly practice with competitive team
- Competes at a high level


— Once a Tag “[SOLx]” is acquired, these rules are binding. Subject to change based upon 3/4 Leader rulings. —