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Silent Professionals / SPGUNS

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Silent Professionals is a (18+) Private Military Company serving the United Earth Empire and people of Stanton.

The Silent Professionals are fighting for their place amongst the stars of SC, are you?…

Our motto
Audicubus annuit coeptis.

“The signalling of my ascent”


The origins of the Silent Professionals can be traced back to 2947-09-11 known as the Messer Era, a period of time when the UEE government was controlled by a tyrannical family known as the Messers. During this time, the Messers created a secret program to train soldiers and carry out operations without being detected. This company of soldiers were the predecessors of the modern Silent Professionals

Today the Silent Professionals are a highly respected and feared force within the UEE’s private military companies. They are known for their exceptional combat skills, fearsome fleet of ships and their unwavering dedication to mission accomplishment. They operate in flexible teams supported by a wide array of close air support and artillery and can plan or execute any mission from large scale warfare to missions that require the utmost secrecy, precision and finesse.

The Silent Professionals are selected from veterans of the UEE military branches, including Marines, Navy and civilian security sector. They undergo extensive training in a variety of fields, including marksmanship, infiltration, piloting, sabotage, hand to hand combat. In addition, they are trained to pilot the most powerful ships, utilize the latest and most advanced technology, including specialized weapons and equipment as their missions require.

The most important aspect of the Silent Professionals’ training is their ability to work independently making good decisions on the fly while also being able to work effectively in tight nit teams. They are given a great deal of autonomy during their missions and are expected to adapt to changing situations quickly and effectively, this makes them ideal for any operation that requires flexibility and improvisation.

Despite their reputation as a silent and lethal force, the Silent Professionals are not without their detractors. Some criticize them for lack of accountability and oversight, as they often operate without direct supervision from their commanders. Other question the morality of their operations as they are often tasked with carrying out assassinations, bombings, raids and other covert actions some might consider unethical.

Despite these criticisms, the Silent Professionals remain a vital part of the UEE private military and will continue making strides on its goal to become the most successful and most feared private military company the verse has ever seen!

Founded to serve the Empire and private clients while cultivating a dynamic private military industrial complex

These military forces are supported organically from economic ventures such as weapons dealing, mining, salvage, trade and privatized banking.

Apply to enlist in our private army. Profit

Sic vis pacem para bellum!

“If you want peace, prepare for war!”


Our goal is to create the best trained and supplied private military force the verse has ever seen. Train, fight and complete contracts, as we all grow from the profits of our success, so too will we see our military forces increase in lethality, composition and numbers..

Company Maxims
1:Mission accomplishment is paramount.
2:Honoring a contract is duty.
3:Esprit de Corps means taking pride in your unit.
4:Be no better friend, and no worse enemy.

State of the Company:

The addition of our arms dealing to our enterprise has proven fruitful, we will continue to pursue large volume weapon agreements. SP Commercial Trading has been a high risk source of income for The Company, with high initial capital costs uncertain price increases/decreases increasing levels of demand, and no safety nets on capital losses this industry remains our more problematic for newer members. SP Mining remains a solid source of income for the organization but we have seen a manpower shortages and crew availabilities, we will continue pursuing our mining enterprise but will need additional miners as soon as available. Our main focus will be to continue gaining exposure to the world market in the private military sector, increasing funding for training acquiring new and advanced ships and weaponry to provide the best performing service available. With increase in exposure we should see a parallel increase in the amount of Contracts of Service for new and existing clientele.


[Silent Professionals PMC]

Company Leadership

Discord ID: ElderKnobilitas#9262

Discord ID: CMDR-Malek#1586

Discord ID: Milkman#2521

Discord ID: Mac Zauce#2637

Silent Professionals Discord Server

Hop in the discord, make yourself known in the welcome channel and we will start the process of training and deploying you on Silent Professionals events, ops and hang with the rest of the crew.

Check out our website for fresh and spicy Silent Professional content!