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Adaptability. Immunity. Prosperity.






Since the beginning of the Vanduul Raids numerous officials of UEE High Command were at a breaking point. Within those 200 years thousands of irrational and ignorant decisions have been made. Of course, there have been members of High Command that could not take it anymore. Many left and decided to retire. Many tried to rebel and keep fighting internally.
With the galaxy already so developed and many systems already claimed by the superpowers, countless thought it would be a foolish endeavor to create a new sovereign state altogether. These messages of hopelessness only added fire to the flame in making such a project a reality. Being Ex-High Commander officials of the UEE this was no easy task, but one that did not seem so overly ambitious. With many years of blood, sweat, and tears, a new Empire has been born.

We are SPLINT3R.


We are determined to create and maintain a successful sovereign galactic community which is completely independent from the UEE and any other major powers in our galaxy. We strive towards perfecting our three essential directives we believe are mandatory for success. In no way is this goal an easy endeavor, but our numerous divisions, each created in roles we believe to be crucial, all have their parts to maintain a successful nation.


SPLINT3R Citizens may choose a specialized carreer in the Empire and join one or more Division to enhance their Skill and Experience in any task the verse has to offer. Anything is possible so we condensed all facettes of professions into 10 Divisions.
More on Divisions below



  • The SPLINT3R Empire is determined to create a successful galactic community in which all our divisions and citizens may prosper and all territory may thrive.
  • It is important to note whilst The SPLINT3R Empire does not align with UEE methods, and tensions may sometimes be high, this does not mean they are a rival.
  • The SPLINT3R Empire is structured in a way we believe to be efficient, having a division based on every role that is crucial. All Divisions require each other to run as intended. As stated in the charter, we highly recommend all citizens to do their part to make our divisions run as smoothly as possible.


  • Uniforms of SPLINT3R are mandatory only under contracts, events, and/or operations. Otherwise, uniforms are not required but continuing to wear uniform is a respectable act. If you lack a uniform, It will be provided for you.
  • While under contracts, events, and/or operations, It is crucial to listen to your commanding officer to insure the event in question runs as smoothly as possible.
  • Whilst anyone is able to join The SPLINT3R Empire, we highly suggest all citizens do their part to assist in our growth.
  • If you ever have any questions, always feel free to ask us on discord. We are always just a message away.