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Space Progeny / SPROG

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An active organisation, with a casual drop-in, drop-out, zero-expectation experience, aimed at those with families, work commitments, or otherwise, seeking to share their space adventures, with a social, friendly, mature group of spacefaring people.

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SPROG culminates years of experience managing similar organisations from across the galaxy, all with a similar purpose; to offer a relaxed, casual approach to space travel, for people from all creeds, and lifestyles, and to enjoy ourselves to the fullest, without placing any limitations or expectations on our members.

Our organisation started its journey in the year 2934, in a galaxy far, far away; expanding to many nearby systems over the course of many years. After discovering the UEE in 2943, SPROG has been waiting for the opportune time to press our UEE expansion


SPROG Aims to offer a haven for those with busy lives; whether work, family, or extracurricular activities, we empathise that sometimes life may interfere with prolonged space adventures, we realise that priorities can change at a moment’s notice, and understand if you need to suddenly disappear off the radar, to take care of personal business.

Tired of organisations with too many rules, then SPROG is the place for you. Choose your adventure, travel with whom you like, when you like. Whether you want to be a bounty hunter, mercenary, trader, miner, role-player or any other role in the galaxy; PVP or PVE, SPROG will support you in your endeavour.

Our organisation has a focus on mature players, and as such, we openly welcome all parental units and their progeny, whether that be human, or one of the many other species of Terra and beyond. Smooth skinned, scaled or covered in fur, all species and ages are welcome.

We will never make you feel guilty for attending your external duties mid-mission. If your freighter captain isn’t old enough to own a pilot’s licence, this is perfectly fine by us, no questions asked; If you have to rush-off to take care of a nasty smell emanating from the crew quarters, then you won’t need to explain yourself to us; If you need someone to rescue your ship, because your engineer throws a tantrum and needs to take a long overdue nap, then all you need do is ask; If you only want to talk to someone, to help drown out the noise of Hyper Vanguard Force being played on the navigator’s console, then you’ve come to the right place.


SPROG and its subsidiaries have always considered its members to be self-governing, capable of managing their own time, without the need for reassurance from management. We are an adult orientated organisation, with a family friendly atmosphere.

We support many career types and services, with individuals from a multitude of time zones and cultures. The organisation will not enforce any particular career path on anyone, and all members are free to decide their own direction.

Members are expected to bring a sense of humour, integrity, and tolerance of others. Understanding that we are all invested in this organisation, and its future expansion.

Organisation members are free to share their experiences and parental unit jokes, without prejudice; whether your wit evokes laughter, tears, or silence, there will be no judgement from us. We hope to get to know you, and welcome you into our family. So, relax, and enjoy yourself with familiar, company.