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Roberts Space Industries ®

Schnitzels' Protection Services / SPS1

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  • Role play
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  • Security
  • Transport

SPS prides itself on providing the highest level of security services for a moderate cost. We are dedicated to extending the arm of Justice and providing stability wherever we are needed.


SPS came about after one too many Griefing/Pirating raids sent its founder, Banhammer, into a rage-filled coma fit to crack a world in two. When he came-to he realized that the Verse needs more individuals ready to stand between law breakers and those who take what isn’t theirs. Thus Schnitzels’ Protection Service was born.

SPS has since taken root across a number of central systems as a premier Protection service for Middle and lower class citizens looking for: safe passage between worlds; Security during their operations in potentially hazardous locales; and to secure community outreach efforts from raiders, thugs, and thieves.



Provide Security to those in need.

Aid in the humanitarian efforts of partner Organizations.

Protect Innocents from reckless/malicious Individuals and Organizations.

Work together for the good of the Organization.