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Spartan Resource Consortium, Inc. / SRCON

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Science is our weapon, Knowledge our shield.
Est quod scientia est per arma , clypeum scientia nostra.


Founded by Banin Nighthawk Zale at the end of 2944, this burgeoning company focuses on charting new star systems between the UEE territories and Xi’an controlled space.

Most of the company’s short existence has been dedicated to acquiring all the appropriate legal documentation with the TDD on Terra, purchasing some of the many ships and equipment needed, and preparing for the company’s first exploration sortie.

Nighthawk bumped into Captain Kevin Cradix Khaos during his first visit to Gonn, Oberron System, while trying to plot coordinates to a new asteroid field. Cradix convinced Nighthawk not to sell the coordinates and instead split the profits in exchange for the data rights. It turned out to be an unprecedented profit for the two Privateers, bringing in a decent haul and some unwanted attention. After they made several more trips into the asteroid field they grew complacent and failed to notice the Urielian prosprectors who had followed them to this secret claim.

The laser drills on Captain Khaos’s RSI Orion bore into a promising lode, and Nighthawk moved his Constellation Aquila deeper into the field hoping to find the next vein. With the two ships separated the Urelians felt it was time to make their move. They attacked the Orion’s vulnerable flank, damaging two of its drone bays and part of the port hull. Nighthawk swung his Aquila about, barreling back to their Rally point. Clearing a last, large asteroid Nighthawk spotted the salvaged Urelian Redeemer swinging around for another pass at the Orion. Not having enough fire power to take on a fully armed Redeemer, Nighthawk called for all hands to abandon ship and set a course directly between the Urelians and Captain Khaos. He then ran to his P-52 Merlin and used it as an escape pod.
Nighthawk watched as his ship collided headlong into the Redeemers starboard quarter, sending the two pylons of their main engine twirling freely into space. The two mangled ships clipped one of the Orion’s engines, just as it was abandoning the dig site. Nighthawk unloaded the magazine of his Merlin’s 11-Series Broadsword into the Urelian ship before pulling away and following after Captain Khaos. The two limped back towards Gonn, Captain Khaos using most of the little ore they had gathered to make repairs.

After going through an ordeal like that with someone, you develop a deep trust.
Nighthawk and Captain Khaos learned a very important lesson about greed and complacency. Determined to better themselves as businessmen and wanting to make it closer to Xi’an space, Nighthawk convinced Captain Khaos that Terra would be the best place for them to grow. They pulled their remaining funds from the previous hauls and left Oberron for a brighter future.


All of our most recent drafts for Guidelines, SOPs, Handbooks and Field Manuals are being made available for members and affiliates via the SRCON Spectrum, under the category group SRCO.Net


PvE & PvP

It is the opinion of Spartan Resource Consortium that these two encounter types are a necessary part of the Star Citizen experience and therefore requests that you, as a member, not completely turn off your PvP slider. Where you choose to set your own slider is your business and we will not penalize you for setting it low. If you want to turn off PvP entirely all we ask is that you notify the CEO prior to the change and list your reasons. The note will be added to your Employee Record.

  • Player vs. Environment (PvE)
    Any situation in which a player character must face an NPC, indigenous life form, or other non-character controlled obstacle.
  • Player vs. Player (PvP)
    Any situation in which a player character finds themselves facing off against other player characters, or player controlled game assets.


  • Citizens interested in applying for employment with Spartan Resource Consortium must be at least 18 years of age, and must be willing to prove it.
  • Spartan Resource Consortium offers Citizens under the age of 18 an Internship Program. Interested Citizens must provide written consent by a Parent or Guardian, and have a current SRCON Employee willing to vouch for them.

  1. SRCON is more than just a Corporation, it is a community for good, hard working people. Always turn to one, or all, of us for any in-game needs.
  2. Please leave your real life problems on the Launcher and do your best not to take it out on your Org mates. If you really need to talk about something, try to bring it up in a civil manner with someone you trust. We need our employees performing at peak efficiency on every mission, and your mental health is a key factor in achieving that goal. Talk things out, always!
  3. We don’t expect that everyone will get along at all times, but we do expect you to always treat one another with respect. We will not tolerate in-house fighting.
  4. If you are having trouble with another member that cannot be resolved between the two of you, please contact your Captain or Director for further assistance. Do not “take matters into your own hands.” Your Captain and your Management team are here to make your employment as pleasant a job experience as can be provided.
  5. Captains, if you are short handed and need crew to take on a mission, DO NOT recruit outside of Spartan Resource Consortium. Contact your Director and they will work with Human Resources to find you crew. If outside contracting must occur, let management do the paperwork.
  6. If you have called for aid, keep calm and be sure your beacon stays lit for their arrival. Comply with any orders given by the aiding Captain. This is not a means of demotion, but rather a way to ensure the safety of all personnel and property involved.
  7. Any time you log into Star Citizen make sure your voice comms are turned on. Links to the Org Discord server are listed on the Charter page.
  8. Be sure to check the Org chat and Forum regularly for news and updates.
  9. Treat all members equally. Bullying and other forms of unwarranted drama will get you suspended1 and cost a small fee2. Repeated offenders will be fired.
  10. Captains must file an official SRCON Mission Data Log at the completion of each job. Documentation to be provided by Spartan Resource Consortium at a later date.
  11. DO NOT disclose any passwords or other sensitive data to non-employees.


We understand that Star Citizen, while the Best Damn Space Sim Ever, cannot be the center of your existence always. If life calls and you must take a break, just file a “Leave of Absence” Form with your Captain, or Director. This way we don’t fire you for being a “No Show”.


  • Multiple suspensions on a members record resulting from failure to comply with Spartan Resource Consortium Regulations & Guidelines will
    guarantee termination.
  • If you have not been showing up to work, and the management has had no contact from you; you will be fired.
  • A member who proves themselves incapable of working in a group environment will find themselves terminated.
  • Loud or abusive behavior over voice comms will get you suspended, or fired.
    NOTE: While we respect your individuality you must understand that your membership makes you a representative of the Organization. Misrepresentation of the Organization cannot, and will not, be tolerated.
  • If you are fired for any of the reasons listed above, please have the decency to conduct yourself quietly out of the Community. While we may not have been a proper fit for you and your Star Citizen experience, we hope that you can find what you seek elsewhere. We will hold no grudges.
  • Any employee who leaves on good terms will always be welcomed back at Spartan Resource Consortium. While the job position may no longer be available, there will always be a home for you here.

For prior employees wishing to rejoin Spartan Resource Consortium, please contact the current Human Resources Manager and have your Employee ID code handy. The Human Resources Manager will schedule you an interview with one of our Directors.

1 A company issued suspension refers to the member in question having their flight status temporarily suspended, also known as being “Grounded”. Non-flight status personnel and grounded personnel under suspension must work of their time by aiding the Administrative staff, ensuring you retain your income.

2 If a member causes issues for another member or the Company and is suspended from duty, the member in question must pay a small sum in UEC to be determined at the hearing.


Our Board of Directors will unveil our official corporate statements soon. Please check the Org Spectrum for updates.

To contact Spartan Resource Consortium directly you must be willing to use Discord. If you do not have Discord you can find it here.

If you are new to Discord and setting up your account for the first time, please be sure that you Username for Star Citizen and Discord ID matches (or are as close as can be). This is to simplify the identification process away from the RSI website.

SRCON Discord Server
General Chat
General Text

NOTE: You’ll gain access to chat & text rooms outside of the General if you are a SRCon Employee, or as circumstances warrant. The SRCon Board of Directors reserves the right to Kick or Ban any active persons from a given room or server if they are deemed “Uncivil”.