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Roberts Space Industries ®

Serenity / SRN

  • Corporation
  • Hardcore
  • Security
  • Trading


At Serenity’s core are a group of individuals who thrive on the shared experience of gaming and the journey of developing and improving player and team skills. As a community we play many different games from competitive esports through to action, strategy and RPGs. Our players come from all backgrounds including students and career professionals and of all age ranges spanning more than thirty years. We are united by a love of gaming and a determination to build the most fun and inclusive gaming community built around core values that support our members and enable them to achieve their goals whether that is becoming a better player or simply enjoying gaming with like minded individuals.


Our Beliefs

We believe it will take a group effort to get what you want in the universe. And once you have what you want, it will take teamwork to defend what you own.

The universe offers us plenty of work.
  • Mercenary
  • Trading
  • Mining
  • Combat
  • Production
  • Exploration
  • Salvaging

This list is not exhaustive, therefore, we can always add roles if there is need for more roles.

Our intention is to capitalize on all roles in the game.

We will create multiple fleets.
Each fleet will be used for its own respective role. We will use several fleets for combat. Think of a defensive fleet defending traders, miners and other important assets of the corporation. There will also be a fleet with the sole purpose of boarding enemy ships.
Furthermore, some fleets will also be dedicated to transport, resupplying, scouting etc.

Our fleets/squads are able to do mercenary work. The corporation will look for mercenary work when there is limited work within our corporation.

Our organization does not believe in holding anyone back. We would rather want you to get a rank that suits you and our organization. We believe that people will flourish if they are guided to a correct position rather then kept down in the ranks. This means you can also become the CEO of the corporation if your character fits the role.

Participation levels depend on your time availability and personal wishes. We accommodate for three levels of participation: our core being composed by Hardcore players, we will have departments and squadrons dealing with Regular and Casual activity as well.

Whether your attitude is competitive or relaxed, you are going to find in Serenity all you need to maximize your Star Citizen experience, and the same applies to the many careers and professions you might want to pursue in game.

Our Offers.

As explained above, we offer a wide variety of opportunities. In addition, if you like to do something outside of our present scope, we will consider it.

We would like every member to enjoy the game and play it as they wish to play it.

We are also going to host regular events and training sessions, and favor casual gaming between members through a specific training and match/making system, intended to maximize your chances and fun in the PU and during the alpha phase. Participation is not mandatory, and these are intended to be additional options to improve your experience of the game.

We are going to provide members and, to a lesser degree, affiliates, with databases and rating systems allowing you to quickly evaluate trading partners in terms of risk and chances of gain, bounty hunting missions in terms of danger and profit, and many other PU features.

We are allowing contributing members to crew the capital ships in our fleet, and that includes several Javelin destroyers, in specific mass events like wars and PVE campaigns vs. Vanduuls and Pirates.

Finally, we are going to host a competitive ladder intended both for members/affiliates and e-sport players coming from other organizations, with video footage of matches, after action reports from all the participants, and tactical/strategic analysis of the in-game events. We intend this to be a place where the finest of the finest can meet and play competitively, but also as a tool to improve the fun of the ccasional player.


I am interested in being a member of more than one fleet is this possible?
Yes, ofcourse it is.

I am evil, am I allowed to board someone’s ship and take it out for a joyride?
No one can truly deny that this is an awesome part of the game. For instance flying in with ships like the retaliators, catapillars etc. and engage a capital ship.
However, the corporation will deny any affiliation with pirate behavior. Although, it will probably be very lucrative.
Consider this a grey area.

I enjoy the game for what it is, however, am I allowed to do only PvE?
There will be roles to fulfill in the corporation that only focus on PvE content. This will allow you to never or rarely encounter players that will engage you in combat.

I am a casual gamer, yet your mark on the front page reads hardcore. Will I still fit in?
We focus on hardcore players, however, there is always room for casual gamers.

I want my own organization and I want to be a leader. Is there still a place for me within this corporation?
Anyone can become a leader within this corporation, the only expectation is that you actually do the work expected of a leader.

You talk about covering all espects of the game and a large fleet, but how do you intent to do this?
We will create multiple fleets. Each fleet will have a certain purpose and its own leaders.

You speak of a lot of leadership and regulations, however, will I still be able to enjoy the game?
The rules are there to create a structured corporation. A structured corporation will ensure that we will enjoy the game and will prevent chaos. Although, we will give you a lot of freedom in playing the game as you want to play it.

My friends have not found Star Citizen yet. Will I still be able to get a group experience?
Our corporation is there to make sure that you are able to group up together under our flag, forming your own squadron or even fleet. If you put effort into our corporation then your loyalty will be rewarded as well.

Can I do more for the corporation then just being the member?
Yes, you can do other functions. For example we need recruiters, marketing experts etc.

I would like to know more than what was written in this Q&A, where can I find my answer?
Great! Send Wokkels a message.


Our Vision

  • To be the Top Performing and Most Admired Manufacturer and Private Military in the Universe.

Our Mission

  • Manufacturing and supplying products and services that satisfy the needs of our customers.
  • Constantly achieving operational excellence.

Our Objectives

  • Realise the potential of our people.
  • Meet our customer requirements.
  • Safeguard asset integrity.
  • Creating a single minded unit.
  • Always attempting to grow.

Our Goals

  • Own several mining and production facilities
  • Securing trade routes
  • Explore the universe
  • Be one of the largest fleets
  • It is our intention to cover each aspect of the game
  • Creating a name in eSports

Our Structure

Like many corporations we work with a Two-tier system, two separate boards, an executive board for day-to-day business and a supervisory board for supervising the executive board. The executive board consist of the Chief Officers. The supervisory board are the board members who founded the organisation but also ex Chief Officers and those elected by other members.

Our Ranks & Roles

  • Board Member
  • Executive
  • Fleet Admiral
  • Human Resources
  • Recruiter
  • Marketing
  • Squad Leader
  • Specialist
  • Pilot
  • Citizen