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Roberts Space Industries ®

Semi-Serious Extraction Agency / SSEALATER

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    Bounty Hunting

Our team is set around human extraction, involving both search and rescue and bounty hunting. We’re an independent rescue force that will also take out targets for a price. We like to have a joke but despite this we’ll still save peoples lives.

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In 2937 the S-SEA was created when two brothers living on opposite sides of Selene came together with an idea, a search and rescue agency that could take some of the bleakness out of space. There had always been fear around a Vanduul raid and in 2945 the Vanduul attacked Aremis, this is when the S-SEA first proved themselves by saving many people and taking out some of the attacking Vanduul ships.

It continued to become a very successful business that many people regard as life saving. Over time it has gained reputation and now it is one of the most trusted and well known search and rescue organizations. They have also proved themselves to be a force to be reckoned with, as their renowned pilots have taken out many important targets from pirate gangs, corrupt leaders and the accountant that ticked off one too many people.

Not sticking to the law but not veering too far off it, the S-SEA just as often saves people via extraction as they do by taking out their aggressors. Recently they have rapidly expanded and are now larger and more capable than ever.


Do you find yourself in between an infinite void and a hard place? Take the gravity of your situation down an notch to Semi-Serious. We’re here provide our clients with emergency evacuation tactics and when necessary; target acquisition. All while keeping the fun in an otherwise bleak scenario.

Eventually, everyone finds themselves in a tough spot they realize they cannot handle by themselves. You may be stranded in space with a broken ship, suffered serious injuries, or even be surrounded in a botched combat mission. Our Agency believes everyone (even pirates and mercenaries) plays an important part in the Star Citizen Verse and should have a chance at being rescued once in a while.

We will be building our Agency to also provide tracking, ship repair, and medical resuscitation to our clients.

Above all, we want this game to be fun. Regardless of any inevitable threat, we strive to crack a joke at the absolute worst of times while still delivering our services with timing and precision.

However there are some individuals who harbor a more serious, malicious intent and who’s actions are overall damaging to the state of the game and community. We are proud to be able to swap our search and extraction specialties to a more aggressive end, in the apprehension and elimination of these bounty targets. With S-SEA you can say S-SEA later to all of your problems!


The most important attribute for anyone looking to join our agency is the ability to take a joke. Beyond that, you might want some sort of interest in Search & Rescue, Bounty Hunting, medicine, or engineering.

Providing our clients with not only expedited extraction, but also a fun disposition can be difficult when consistently contending with various forms of emergency circumstances. Regular practice will be required to accomplish more complicate tactics, but even that doesn’t mitigate inevitable character death. Anyone looking to join our organization should be aware of and embrace this fact in order to not be overwhelmed by the stress of dangerous situations.

To compensate for the danger our operatives will regularly put themselves in, our agency will make our ship repair and medical assistance fully available to our members.