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Volamus fortium volare in pace.
We fly with strength to fly in peace.


Originating after the Interstellar Peace and Trade Accord of 2348, SSID was formed to provide freelance traders with organization to increase revenues and provide security in numbers. With the new influx of trade with the Banu, our corporation flourished as a realm of security and trade. This unfortunately was short-lived for we were hit hard at the start of the Messer Era (2530-2789) as many of our members joined security forces to defend against the looming threat of the Xi’An Empire. After the long and bitter cold war, many of those associated with our founders joined the fleets they defended during the conflict.

Now in the year 2944 almost six hundred years after our formation, SSID will again be the forefront of trade and securities among the stars. With the Banu trade lanes thoroughly established, we are now looking for the next unexplored opportunity. Whether it be a new trade lane, an unknown race, or new technology, we never stop exploring.


Our Goal as an organization is to explore the farthest depths of the universe, bring back its wonders and utilize them to the advantage of our fleet and our allies. Also, we are tagged as a casual org, for that is all the commitment we ask, but our members range from casual to hardcore. Furthermore, members of our org are not restricted to falling in to one of these fleets. They are just a structure of what our org is already doing.

In our organizational structure we have three main fleets:


Our fleet is tasked with the exploration of the far stretches of the verse. This fleet will be provided with all of the requirements for long range voyages from the support of our other fleets. As exploration is out primary goal the majority of the corporation’s efforts will be focused here. Some activities include, searching for new technology, establishing bases of operations for long term activities in the fringe, making contact with other races and organizations that mat be operating in deep space, etc…

Homeland Management:

We are tasked with providing income and resources to the rest of the corporation. Our primary activities include: trading, mining, salvaging and any other for profit based activity. We will have internal protection managed by our securities fleet, but a small number of dedicated escort ships will be tasked within this fleet as well. Although we will be mostly operating within the areas of populated space, we will have the benefits provided from our other fleets, giving us a distinct advantage over other trading corporations.


As the backbone of SSID, it is our task to make sure all of our activates run smoothly. We are essentially the defense and logistics arm with activities including: fighter support, bounty hunting, privateering, and any other activity which involves a highly flexible and more combat focused approach. While the exploration fleet is exploring and the homeland management fleet is providing them with resources, we make sure the trade lanes are clear and that those resources can make it to the exploration fleet. Unlike, other security fleets however, we take a proactive approach. If pirates are threatening one of our shipments, we will not just wait for them, we will hit them first.

Additionally, we also have one sub-fleet that falls under Securities:

Argosy Special Ops:

We are the ghosts of SSID, specializing in intelligence and information acquisition. Who ever our targets may be, let them not fear us, for they will never know we are here. The specific activities of our sub-fleet will be determined by the changing needs of our corporation. We lie in the shadows, and what ever is needed of us will be done for SSID.


SSID Charter:
  • Honor and loyalty among our crew
  • Piracy is forbidden (but privateering is encouraged)
  • Smuggling is permitted, but not supported

If you are interested please apply. There is no need for an interview, or any extraneous application process, just a ship and can do attitude.
NOTE: The introductory ranks are for identification, they do not necessarily fit your job description
Regardless of whether or not you join us, we wish you good travels and we hope to see you among the stars.

"Volamus fortium volare in pace."
"We fly with strength to fly in peace."
Astrum Quaesitor : Founder of Space Securities and Intergalactic Discovery