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Roberts Space Industries ®

SSP Gaming Corporation / SSPG

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The SSP Gaming Corporation employs a number of freelancers and specialists with a focus on multi-disciplinary SIGs (special interest groups) in military, industry, logistics and expedition sectors. We are therefore extremely self-reliant, sustainable and brutally efficient.


The SSP Gaming Corporation was founded in 2014 and operated primarily as a media outlet covering popular media in video games. Over hundreds of years later, and numerous colonization efforts by humanity throughout the systems of the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies, SSPG has developed a number of divisions to assist in these initiatives.

Although still primarily a media agency, SSPG has invested its wealth in the founding of several divisions which were headed by numerous skilled and talented individuals in their respective fields. Given the discovery of the Stanton system in 2903, almost 900 years after its founding, SSPG has grown into a conglomerate of highly skilled traders, miners, bounty hunters, explorers and security personnel as the need and opportunity arose.

Now, the corporation continues to influence the populus of Stanton with its media, whilst simultaneously profiting from all the opportunities the system introduced since its discovery. As the corporation grows, so to do its profits, and the wealth and happiness of its contributors.

Although a for profit organization, SSPG continues in its main focus as a media agency to provide useful and informative resources to the residents of Stanton’s planets, moons and stations- especially those who are new to various trades and occupations, or vulnerable.


The cumultive and ultimate goal of SSP Gaming Corp is to provide training, information and mentorship to citizens of Stanton and to then employ them in the area of their choosing so that they may assist others. We are a for-profit organization that believes in humanitarianism. That means we work to make a profit and improve the lives of our members, whilst sumultaneously helping others to achieve the pinnacle of their calling, and providing them with opportunity to exerrcise their newly found knowledge.


At SSP Gaming Corp, we value tradition, dedication, and loyalty above all else.

By seeking employment with SSP Gaming Corp, you hereby agree to abide by these rules of conduct at all times. Failure to abide by these rules of conduct can result in permanent termination of your employment and any contracts therein.

- Real life always comes first
- Treat one another with respect and dignity
- No: Bullying, harassment, abuse, threats, discrimination, impersonation, doxing, spamming, pornography, controversy or reference to illicit drugs and/or drug abuse.
- No links to, or, ads for, any other Discord servers or other creators.
- No alt accounts. Any user found in violation will be terminated immediately.
- ABSOLUTELY NO FRIENDLY FIRE – NO EXCEPTIONS. First incident is a warning. The second is immediate termination.

This community is intended for mature audiences, aged 18+.

Consistent violation or skirting of these rules can lead to corrective action, up to and including permanent removal from the community.

If you are concerned about a rule or think you may be breaking one, it is always better to ASK before continuing with the behaviour. As an agent of the corporation, you are expected to be courteous and professional.