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Welcome to METACORP The Military, Exploration& Trade Advancement Corporation, and thank you for stopping in today we are always looking for new junior executives looking to make a name for themselves. So if your looking for a place to call home look no further then METACORP.


METACORP Or Military Exploration & Trade Advancement Corporation was founded in late 2952 by CEO Zackary King. METACORP is currently working on advancements in the mapping of trade routes across Stanton, or making displays of Military force with the Corps growing active navy. METACORP maintains a neutral and helpful outlook on the rest of Stanton and is looking to grow an expend in the coming months.


As a Corporation my goal and the goal of our board members is to create a fun, engaging and interesting work place for our employees. Somewhere you can come in each day and do something you enjoy. Working towards this goal METACORP has a place for people of all skills Miners, Fighter Pilots, Haulers, and exploration. We have something for everyone here.

Us at METACORP look forward to seeing everyone grow and expand with our dream, so that one day we can be the titan of industry and development that we know we can be.

1. We’re here to have fun more than anything else

2. As the scoop of SC expands so will our own but our current objective is to expand and organize so that we are prepared for the coming patches.

3. We’re here to teach new players useful skills, and ensure that they can earn there fortune.

4. To discover profitable trade routes & Ensure the safety of our Haulers.

5. To create a fun engaging Community with weekly events parties and gatherings of our members.


1. METACORP is a fair trade Corporation. We do not exclude services from anyone as long as they have the money to pay.

2. All plans, deals, and sensitive Corporation information must not be shared outside of METACORP.
3. We do not tolerate harassment or abuse of any METACORP employees. If reports about this are filled you will be terminated.
4. Each department within METACORP runs independently of each other, during company activities only accept job tasks assigned by a Manager or Director of your department. 4A. This does not apply to Board Members or the CEO.
5. While representing METACORP in any official way conduct yourself in a professional way your behavior reflects on the entire company.